Cinematic Titanic

Sounds like it’s probably mellow enough. Thanks for the help again, I appreciate it.


A lot of jars of red tempera paint lost their lives that day. :saluting_face:


If you want, I’ll list off the ratings for the CT titles to get you started. Granted, I’m rather desensitized to extreme content but a little heads-up is always useful.

  • The Oozing Skull - GP (or PG if you prefer.) Granted, the MPAA was a bit lenient when it came to gore back then so proceed with caution.
  • Doomsday Machine - Not Rated but if I had to guess, it would be a light PG-13 by today’s standards.
  • The Wasp Woman - Also Not Rated (it was made in the '50s!) Should be an easy PG in terms of content.
  • Legacy of Blood - R. Not sure how bad the content was though.
  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians - Again, Not Rated but it’s a G, hands down.
  • Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks - This one’s kinda tricky since its official rating is PG but its original poster claims it first got an R rating. Whatever the case, it’s light on gore but has a fair bit of nudity (which gets covered up in the CT version).
  • Blood of the Vampires - GP (aka PG.) The content shouldn’t be too bad but it does give some Hammer vibes.
  • East Meets Watts - R. Bonus “points” for the racial slurs, which aren’t censored in the live version.
  • The Alien Factor - G(!) Granted, I couldn’t find a confirmation on that rating since it never got a theatrical release. Whatever the case, looks pretty tame.
  • Danger on Tiki Island - Once again, Not Rated but looks like it goes straight to R territory. Nudity should be censored on the live version.
  • War of the Insects - Approved… whatever that means. Anyway, content should be no worse than your average Godzilla flick around this time.
  • Rattlers - PG. Doesn’t look very gory and the nudity is mild. Now what are your opinions on snakes?

I always watch out for them.


Personally, I would rather advise others to watch out for them, so keep up the good work!

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Blood Of The Vampires is streaming on Le Tube right now… to get you in that proper Eastertide mood. :wink:

Watch it on a double bill with Night Of The Lepus and you’re good to go. Add some This Is Horml and The Chicken Of Tomorrow or Eggs To Market or The Red Hen shorts for your chaser.

Still three weeks left for someone to unearth a short called Ari and Sarah Visit The Matzoh Factory. :wink:


I would call that one a hard R…maybe even NC-17.

Not necessarily for gore…though there is that…nor even for nudity. But there are some really intense “intimate” scenes that probably merit mention. Whether as a “warning” or an “enticement,” that’s up to the viewer, just that’s a true fact.

One of my favorites, though! Standout performance by the absolutely brilliant Brooke Mills.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s a hideous, awful movie, and pretty tedious as well.


Given the film’s date, possibly something like “Approved for general audiences by Eirin” (Japan’s film rating board)? According to Wikipedia, prior to 1976 they had only two ratings: General, or Adult (18+).



That guy is Kevin Murphy’s long lost brother! :laughing:


Nah I’m pretty sure it’s a slumming Avery Schreiber. Just Photoshop a bag of Doritos™ into his hand.


Re-watched some of Doomsday last night on Le Tube.

I think the wrap-up for this one (while obviously done for similar reasons, or under similar circumstances) might outdo Monster A-Go-Go for sheer, uh… Penns. :tennis:

If you believe that Monster’s desperate voiceover ending indicates up to 10% less We Just Didn’t Care than… whatever that was at the end of Doomsday.


At least with Doomsday Machine someone cared enough to build a set and film some people moving around on it before throwing to the voice over when they resurrected the film. So, to me that makes it just a tiny bit better than Monster A-Go-Go, where they seemingly just gave up entirely.

A very, very tiny bit.

Or “Lady…if ya keep digging in there, you’ll end up in China!” :laughing:


“Here we see what they paid the actors with.”

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