Conservation of humor - What incredibly short riffs produced the biggest laughs?

One of my favorites was “IIIIIIIII’m BACON!” from “Jack Frost”. Also, any of the alternative hero names in “Space Mutiny” - Big McLargeHuge is the best one.


Near the beginning of 1301.
“Madam, could I interest you in some cholera?” :face_with_monocle:


The Alien Factor: Trace’s “Uh-oh” when the deputy sits down.


It’s “dixie” aka the Gen. Lee’s horn tune on the Dukes of Hazard.

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God, yes. That bit absolutely slayed me as well. Especially the reprise a few minutes later when the cop car pulled up with it’s siren winding down and they did the same thing only even slower.


When the football captain in “What About Juvenile Delinquency?” is introduced to the grownups and Mike says, “HUT!” I lose it every damn time. Of course, they consistently tear into everyone’s goofy verbal tics and stumbling in that one, too. Which provides a great build-up. That whole short is magical. <3


Pod People:

“What’s got into that --”

Crow: GIRL


“I know.”



Does it count if it’s the same two words over and over?

“Normal view… Normal view…”


It does because it’s one of the funniest riffs they ever did.


The car noise in the movie. I’ve had to pause the movie to wait for folks to stop laughing at that one and it’s still one of my all time favorite riffs.


In the weird honeymoon commercial jingle short with the angel there’s a bit where the female lead is in the kitchen singing about how she wishes her sink didn’t leak and she had a big red phone and Crow shouts “Aim high, sister!”

Kills me every time.


was about to post this. Joel made a call back to it in Demon Squad…


Just watched Neptune Men, and at the end when Tachibana runs his hand across his brow, and they just say a simple…


I got a big laugh from that one.


I often get a big laugh when there’s a little riff about something in the background that I notice just before they riff on it. One I remember was in Wild Wild World of Batwoman, when the 2 girls in the corner of the screen were playing tug of war with a horseshoe, they did a riff about it half a second after I was thinking “what’s the deal with the horseshoe?”.


One from High School Big Shot gets me every time:

“Tonight on Lou Jacobi Playhouse.”

I suppose it’s a combination of this scene being telegraphed as the comic relief portion of the film by the kooky music playing, the actor’s somewhat exagerated actions and his actual resemblance to Lou Jacobi.

P.S. – I would totally have watched Lou Jacobi Playhouse. He was a good actor.


I also would have watched Lou Jacobi Playhouse. He’s another one of those actors who were in everything in the '60s and '70s (including one of Crow’s favorites, Chu Chu and the Philly Flash.)


In no particular order:

“Danger: Diabolik” when “RALPH!”s girlfriend is being- uh— herself, I think it’s Crow who declares “She’s a sex clown!’

“You… got… matches…… for Mikey?” with Crow shrieking as the hapless llama. Sooo creepy, and so funny.

The hissing sounds they make whenever “Rat Woman” is onscreen in Escape 2000.

Whenever Servo murmurs “Adorn” when a harp plays. I remember those commercials!

When Joel is being a secret agent on the SOL, grabbing the bots and planting kisses on them, and doing other super suave stuff- his smirking “I know.”

Mary-Jo Pehl, portraying a Midwest square with her blank-faced family in the hexagonal window on the SOL: “Well… that’s diff-ernt.”

In “Danger: Death Ray” when they “Danger” random stuff. “Danger! Bifocals,” always cracks me up.

Been watching a lot of shorts, so…

“What To Do On a Date” -the mournful “I better change my pants.”

“Days of Our Years” when the old guy looking out the window pulls down the shade to block out the sorrow- “Borrr-ing.” And “There. My problem went away.”

Joel and the Bots’ obsession with the “prop cake” in one of the “General Hospital”s. “Uh yeah- hello, this is Pete in Props. DON’T eat the cake.”

“What About Juvenile Delinquency?” at the end during the meeting, when Servo says in his muffled, person in other room voice “I think they’re still talking about zoning stuff.”

“Speech: Platform Posture and Appearance.” “I will NOT make the knee test!” And when the old guy giving the speech in the boxy suit suddenly throws his arms across his chest, and Tom says “Women be different from men.” When Crow croaks “Word!” in an old guy voice- that always kills me, every time.

This isn’t a riff per se, but when Gypsy is singing “Are You Happy in Your Work?” and a Servo chef pops up in the background towards the end of the skit, and scuttles off-screen to the left. I don’t know why, but I find that little part of this well-done bit especially funny.

There are a million others that I’ll kick myself for not remembering, but that’s plenty for now. :slight_smile:


I love the weird little exertion noises Mike makes while the women pull the horseshoe slowly back and forth.