Different bots for different hosts

You mean like how she popped up for several riffs in the last episode, and then we were told in the livestream that we should expect that to happen more often over the course of the season?


Then you want a different show, not MST3k.

Sorry bud, it’s a “You problem” on this’n!


No, that is not what I meant by regular, although it is a step in the right direction.

I’m in Camp It’s All Good. I don’t have issues watching past episodes and hearing different voices for Crow and Tom. I actually think having different 'Bots riff with the hosts would be more distracting.


GPC is busy running the higher functions of the SOL.


Plus, once she was in there, she didn’ t like it much. At least not for a Hercules movie.


You think that’s bad? She was subjected to Munchie. MUNCHIE.


Jonah is a new host, why wouldn’t he get new bots? It seems every time someone suggests making a significant change to the current show, it only applies to the women and not the men.

Now if it’s not that, if it’s truly “mix it up when there are different hosts in the same season,” then the recommendation should allow for either host to get new bots (not singling out Emily), or split up the bots (Servo goes to either Jonah or Emily, and Crow to the other, and both hosts get a new bot). To target Emily, though… well, targets Emily.

So you may have a legitimate, not insulting point, but when you say “change Emily’s crew but leave Jonah’s alone,” whatever your intention is, it gets marred by the message.



Sidebar: I just realized that Kelsey’s Crow voice didn’t jar me in the least during Dr. Mordrid. I never even had the thought, “This Crow sounds different than Crow usually sounds.” I am officially used to new Crow, and I like it.


Yes, I realized too late that my post can be understood this way. It seems that I stumbled awkwardly into an ongoing controversy that I was not aware of.

Of course, I would be happy with distributing the new and old bots between the hosts in whatever way. The only thing I had in mind was adding more variety. I think bringing more hosts was a good idea and going a step further with new bots could refresh the old formula even more.

Didn’t the shift from J Elvis Crow to Kevin Murphy Crow happen over one season?

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It happened between seasons. 201 Rocketship X-M we are introduced to both TV’s Frank AND “Tom Servo’s New Voice”


two things… It might have made sense if they got rid of tom back in season 2 (when Kevin took over) but now that its been new voices every once and a while there’s no reason to get rid of them. but the big question I have is… will Josh voice Joel’s Tom… and if so who will be Crow and GPC?

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I had the same experience in the middle of watching the episode.

But Josh changed Servo’s voice in the middle of season one, if I recall correctly. Tom’s new Mighty Voice was very different from the voice Josh originally did for him.

We’re pretty sure Joel will be riffing with Emily’s bots. He said in a livestream last month that Connor was his Crow.



Josh changed Servo’s voice in the KTMA season.


Ah, right. First season, but not season one. Thank you.

Or Mike.


No one whined when Gypsy’s voice changed during the SciFi era. People complained when it changed during the NetFlix era.

No one complained when both Crow’s and Tom’s voice changed during the Netflix era.

People complained when Crow’s voice changed during the Gizmoplex era.

No, I don’t see a pattern there at all. :eyeroll: