DIY "The Mask" 3D glasses

I didn’t spring for the Kingavision glasses and stuck to the 2D version of The Mask the first time around. However, anticipating a re-watch, I realized I had the materials to make my own. I had these gels from Amazon left over from another project. I loosely traced an image of original “The Mask” glasses and made a quick and dirty replica:

Not too comfortable, but for the short 3D segments in the movie, it works! Your mileage may vary.

Here’s a 300dpi png, print at 100% scale on card stock. I cut out a back piece the same shape from blank card stock. I taped the gels down, then glued the two pieces of paper together, sandwiching the gels and the craft stick.


They look awesome :+1:

Thanks for sharing!


Those look great.

Gripe time: When The Mask was shown on TV in the 1980s, there was a promotion (somewhere) that you could get free, really cool-looking 3D glasses to watch the movie with.

I only found this one picture online:


Anyway, I had those glasses saved from 198-whatever and I was all ready to use them to watch the episode with even though I had the Kingavision glasses when… they weren’t where I left them! And I have no idea where they are! I know I didn’t throw them out, in fact, I had them in my hand whn The Mask was first announced as one of the movies in Season 13.