English Premier League ‘23 - ‘24 Season

The 2023 - 2024 Premier League season is underway!

Who you got? Who are you rooting for? Who’s going to take it all? (Please, anyone but City again.)

I am a diehard Brighton & Hove Albion supporter, and hopefully we’re set up for another fantastic season after a record season for us.

So, let’s do this!!

Who’s ready for the new season?

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Poor Luton Town already have to postpone their home debut due to the conditions of Kenilworth Road.


After the first two weeks of the season, how are your teams doing?

All I can say is…STOP THE COUNT WE WON THE LEAGUE!! :laughing:

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Made it to the first international break of the campaign. The 2 early challenges are if anyone can slow downMan City and if any of the promoted clubs can stop being as bad as Everton.

It’s going to be very tough to match that 8-0 slaughter that Sheffield United suffered today.

Wolves defeat City, Brighton get slaughtered 6-1, Tottenham need a last own goal and the refs disallowing an onside goal (complete with an OOPS! SORRY! statement from the reps) to defeat a 9-man Liverpool team. What a crazy day.