Explore screen vs Library

I’m not sure how why when where what, but when I go to the explore screen I see all of my movies nicely organized by season and it’s very easy to navigate. But when I click on a movie to watch it says I have to buy or rent it.

But when I go to my library, I see every movie I own all in one straight line which is not convenient at all to navigate. But when I find the movie I want to watch everything’s okay and it lets me watch the movie.

I’m just wondering if it’s the same movie and I own it how come on one screen it says I have to buy a rent it and the other screen it doesn’t.

Explore screen

Library screen


Yup, a season by season episode list view is desperately needed in the My Library tab/section of the app.

And the main screen UI could definitely be less opaque re: what the user owns and can play w/o paying, what is currently available via the Gizmopass membership and available w/o paying, and what requires payment to play. Color coding (thin green, yellow, red outline around the icons?) perhaps, or???

Hopefully there’s app updates in the dev pipeline in coming months?

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This is supposed to be fixed when the Virtual Theater is open.