Feeling Thankful - what are you thankful for today?

I am thankful to be invited as a guest tomorrow after being the host for 50 years. I am also thankful that I was able to pick up a pre cooked pie and bottle of wine and got out of the holiday crush in one piece!


I changed my mind. I’m not thankful for anything. You all can bite me. It’s fun!


You be thankful. I’m bitter.


I am also thankful for this forum! :slight_smile:

It really it so much fun to geek out so much over my favorite show!


I’m thankful for getting to decide who lives and who dies.


I’m thankful for the hours and hours of joy and laughter that MST3K has given and will continue to give us. And for Rifftrax. And for The Mads Are Back. And for the $4,500 refund I just got as part of my student loan forgiveness.


Can’t I be both?

Today I’m thankful for Art/Artists:

Writers, painters, drawers/animators, musicians, lyricists, poets, programmers, coders, comedians, (some) cosplayers, directors, performers… basically anyone who finds a spark inside and takes the time and energy to create something and convey a message or idea regardless of race, religion, wealth, or geological location. Yes sometimes people with little to no message end up in positions to create, and some people have an awful message, but there is a lot good to be found, and good or bad I think it’s become obvious from novels, to music, to movies and everything between that art has the ability to influence society as a whole. It’s nice we can unite to laugh, learn, marvel, and so much more together regardless of who you are or where you’re from. I think thanks to the internet if we are interested enough to look for it and embrace it, there is proof there is a lot more we have in common even world wide then we sometimes realize. Like just a few constants seem to be that we all enjoy a great story, a good joke, and a catchy tune.

I know personally various musicians, comedians, and stories from books, to tv and movies, to games have been there for me and have inspired me in various ways, and in a few instances have broadened my horizons on the way I look at things day to day.

So multiple reasons I’m thankful to all artists from hobbyists, to the mainstream names and everyone caught some where in-between. Please never stop creating folks, and don’t be afraid to share your art even if some people don’t get it, there are people out there who will appreciate it!


Yeah, I’ll do it straight up, no snark or cynicism.

(i) I’m thankful I didn’t hurt myself or someone else or my car (well, not too badly anyway) by taking down a stop sign. Also grateful for AAA for sending a real stud of a tow truck driver to me who got me out of that jam lickety split. The car’s not important, but I’d have to resign my job, which I like, along with my small team, if I can’t commute out to the outer docks/ports of my “fair” city.

(ii) I’m grateful this former friend who is now bartending two days a week at “my” place has finally got the picture that I’m just a regular for years and she’s just dealing with that. Was getting a bit tired of hearing “What do you want, dude?” in place of what an actual person would say when I walk in.

(iii) I’m thankful my eldest nephew will only need yet another heart valve transplant in maybe four years (his fourth, I believe). And open skull surgery maybe even never, thanks to the magic of MRI.

(iv) I’m thankful a new gal at work has, according to my gal, a kid like ten years old, so I can just be friendly with her without perving all over her, because that ain’t my scene, but I still like her as a very good coworker and potential friend. So don’t have to try to get my end in.


I’m thankful for

  1. the friends and family (found/chosen and biological) that put up with my shenanigans.
  2. my pandemic escapes: Streaming, video calls with my folks, videogames, online communities
  3. that I had the presence of mind to stock up on cases and cases of tasty, tasty Elmer’s Glue at the outset of pandemic. :joy:

I am thankful for all sorts of things today. Mostly that there is more MST on it’s way. The new season looks amazing. What a nice mix of old and new movies.


Since I didn’t do one yesterday I’m just going to say I’m thankful for the Turkey Day Marathon. Thanks to this place and the new season coming it was my favorite yet. I had a blast here yesterday, easily was some of the highlights of my holiday.

So for today I’ll give thanks for and to all of you MSTies here on our virtual Satellite of Love who made the last couple seasons possible, yet another new season possible, and make this place such a great place to be not just on Turkey Day but every time I pop in.


I second this. I didn’t get to watch much of the marathon but instead spent a marathon session or three zooming through the comments. So cool that @Conorjdmcg joined us.

Not to mention the feast of teasers for S13. Woof, we have ourselves an embarrassment of riches coming our way.


I am Thankful for MST3K since 1988 and now in the 21st century we will now have the Long Sought After

Gizmoplex !!! And also for All the people that I have meet and some have helped me and the innumerable people that I helped since 1967.

May the Gizmoplex last for many Centuries.


That’s my fave period(ont)ical.

Is it happy in there?

You could burn them like Jeremiah did.

You’re supposed to let it breathe, not broil.

That’s the spirit. Stick it to the man with Thankskeeping!

I blame that thread for my recent crushing loss. How can one MSTie keep up when there’s pie and precooked wine?

And lo did it come to pass. The Gizmoplex loomed great on the hill. As man did wane from this land, The Gizmoplex stood fast; waiting, watching, planning.


Doubtful. But I was happy it was in there.

I got my griping out of the way here so now I’m over here to say that I’m thankful my mom and stepdad were able to evacuate from Louisville CO, and I’m thankful my mom’s friend in New York called ahead to reserve them a hotel room so they have a place to stay. I’m thankful that my mom is a planner, and highly organized (she’s ex-military), and was able to fill the car with their essentials before the evacuation order came down.

Happy New Year :partying_face:


Update: my mom has seen the house and it is okay.

They’ll be spending New Years in a hotel but thankful their house is okay, and especially thankful that as of now they are reporting no known fatalities from the fires. Given the speed of the fire that’s absolutely amazing.


The good? This boil on an upper buttock/small of back responded positively to topical antibiotic and cleansing the area with alcohol wipes and is now more or less just some scar tissue.

The bad? Now I’m paranoid about staph infections, and wonder how I got this one in the first place.

But yes, pretty thankful about that: it was rather painful for about two weeks or so.


Just dropping in for a minute. I wasn’t sure where to put this comment, but this seems like as good a place as any.

I just finished Robot Wars and I’m watching the post-show segment. I am feeling thankful for everyone here and everyone involved in making the show. MST3K is so special, and even though I don’t have time to join in the live events too often, I still love this community. Thank you for always being there.



Today I am thankful that I have a new-ish job to go to tomorrow. It’s nice to be earning again, but extra nice to have found a great (remote) place to do work that actually does some good for people.