Fixing S4 Batman: The Animated Series Riddler

For those who don’t know, season 4 of the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series underwent a significant redesign in character art style. For example, Batman …

And the Joker…

But one of the worst redesigns that took place was for the Riddler…

At the time of course they were trying to follow along with the Batman Forever Jim Carey version of Riddler which was in theaters. But this was incredibly bad. Riddler went from a dapper, erudite, intellectual foe to a spritely, body-suit wearing loser. Boo!

My brother and I are trying to rectify this by redesigning the mid-90s Riddler and improving it while at the same time trying to at least stick with the essence of the redesign. Behold…!

We tried to stick with 90s sensibilities (lots of pouches and a trench) while ditching things like slippers (slippers?!?) and short gloves (really?) that made him look like a flimsy, weak ballerina. The idea was he would be a consummate escape artist and gadgeteer who would be almost impossible for Batman to capture … or even if he did he would just escape in a few minutes. He’d have traps and devices to counter Batman, and his own utility belt and other things to make him a threat that couldn’t just be pushed around. Thoughts?


This is why I don’t own S4.

This really excellent Paul Dini/Chip Kidd book deep dives into the character designs.

The S4 redesigns are addressed near the end, but for some reason they don’t talk about The Riddler.

Seems dumb. Leave out Bane. Bane is lame.

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I assume you’re referring to what is now called the “New Adventures” ?

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I’m guessing the main reason they changed the Riddler was so he’d be easier to draw over and over again. Yeah, it’s tedious as a still image, but I can see the appeal if it’s moving around.

Thing is, the OG designs were already pretty simple on that purpose.

The network’s notes are a riot. “Baby-Doll can’t bash Batman in the face with Mr. Happy Head”

The less said about that Riddler redesign, the better. :wink:

Toying with the concept of writing a script for a sadly neglected Riddler S4 story and having my brother draw it up … at least the penciling and line art anyway.