Future Discussions

I was trying to find someplace to discuss a plan to help support Joel and MST3K as they move forward. MST3K has always been about the community and the support of that community. What I dream about is a place on these boards where we can share our ideas and support the team; and maybe get updates from time to time.

For example, will a tour supporting the Gizmoplex help?
Do we need to do mail/email campaign to Shout to support more?
Would a podcast help build the community?

It is difficult as a fan of the show and the latest season to just sit back and wait. I am sure a lot of people like me want to help.


I think it’s a great idea. I think the production model definitely needs some redesign. They really need a way to keep public interest with frequent updates of some kind. I think the YouTube/Twitch channel could have new, low production cost activity like the bots playing PubG. Some of the personalities could play a D&D campaign, or one of the games from the madvertisements. Someone mentioned Tom Servo doing OnlyFans. I think that last one is hilarious and would create some media attention.

If they don’t want to do that sort of thing on their own, they could try to get actors on shows like Game Changers or whatever to promote their work.

However, I think the only way these sorts of suggestions are going to be a useful concept is if Joel is involved. I’m not sure that any people actively working for Alterniversal/Gizmonics spend much time on the forums to receive suggestions from here.

Also, I’m not certain they want suggestions. I haven’t seen many posts from anyone that matters in several months.

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I think just starting the conversation is a good thing, and keeping the voices of support up and heard is important. Yes, it is fun to debate old shows, but if we want it to continue, we need to make it loud that we want it to. If anything it helps support any future arguments for making it happen.

Yeah, this makes me anxious that the team has largely “gone dark”.




Devon, you definitely matter. I couldn’t watch Santo in the Treasure of Dracula without you!


In true MST3K Mads’ fashion, I’m putting Drac down for a box of steaks, and a Honeybaked Ham™, despite not even knowing if they’re an omnivore. :wink:

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Don’t I matter to you anymore? Have you forgotten our trip to Paris in the springtime so many years ago?


It also made me nervous because the video that Joel shared (about the old poster he found) made it sound like they were closing offices or something. I know they were hoping to film outside of LA. But this is all guesswork. I just love the show and I think the last season was a lot of fun. I would hate to see it going away, just because I didn’t say something.


Could we have a link? Pretty please with batteries on top?

If it makes you feel better, you are indeed the best. But I thought I read you were no longer with Alternaversal, at the moment anyway.

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Believe me. I’ve tried. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To the original topic:

Things I want are:

  1. Make access to enhanced episodes in the store.
  2. Physical items I can buy like shirts, dice sets, or robot plushies. I really wanted more physical reward options on the fundraiser.
  3. Live Show
  4. New content. I have a hard time watching the YouTube and Twitch channels. I already have access to every episode available to watch on demand, so it’s hard to devote time to watching those without new content. For this reason if doing an event like a marathon, they need to include new content and not repeat it over and over. If any of the employees want to play D&D or whatever, I would tune in every week if it was good. Same goes for anyone wanting to stream while they build the Kingadome in Minecraft. It doesn’t have to be mainline MST3K for me to enjoy content from the team. Especially during production of the last season, they could have done some TikToks of the production process.

To explain it another way: during the turkey day marathon, I just left the TV with it playing and no one watching most of the day to help increase the viewership. I used to enjoy the marathon more when there were host segments and the show wasn’t ALWAYS available. Now it just feels like, “what is my reason to turn this on when there is always a stream running 24 hours on twitch and Pluto TV?” The commercials were too frequent and redundant when I could watch the show without them already.

Things I think would make fundraising better:

  1. Engagement before, during, and after fundraisers. Even if the fundraiser is a failure, I think it still makes sense to give frequent updates for a number of reasons. And during the fundraiser, I would think daily engagement would be helpful.
  2. More meaningful rewards. There were some special people willing to buy 20 packs of stickers during the show, but I’m not that guy.

Is this the link you mean?

I think these are all good. I also think people would like more clothing options (hoodies, crewnecks, etc) and Tom and Crow stuff (figurines or some sort, models).

But my big feeling is that it has to be marketed outside of current followers. I really didn’t see anything outside of posts from the main account and if you are not engaged, in some social media, it will be missed.

I think a live tour promoting the Gizmoplex would help. Honestly, I was prepared to pay monthly for it, instead I only had to do it twice for everything new and I am getting the classsics for free on the app.

I would also live a podcast where they connect with the community, interview actors and writers and give us occasional updates.

Everything felt like a surprise last time. They emerged and disappeared. For the sake of this community continuing and growing, they have to connect more.


The fact is there is a community that wants to support and help. It is a community where many have waited for the opportunity.

What can we do? There has to be more we can do than circulate the url, right,

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If they have physical rewards they also need to make the experience feel premium. Granted, when I backed other Kickstarters the rewards were the main thing, but the packaging was just as good as the actual item.

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Looks about right!

I just want the Kingadome back. :sob: :sob:


For now, not really. In the last update, Joel said that they would go over what they learned and explore the feedback and suggestions they received. I know one of the suggestions was to enlist the help of the fanbase in future campaigns. So hopefully in the next push there will be something more tangible we can do. But until then we’ll wait and see.

One silver lining is that the continued support for this campaign, and the show, may have opened up some new conversations about potential partnerships and fundraising that could be key in getting the show another season.

We’ll spend some time now exploring those, and working to integrate all of the feedback and suggestions we’ve heard from you, and will follow up again next year, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, when we’ve had a chance to regroup and have more to share downstream.

For now, whether you pledged or not, please accept our thanks and gratitude for your ongoing dedication and investment in MST3K.

We’re proud that the show continues to mean so much, to so many, and will keep working to figure out a path forward so that we can hopefully continue to #MakeMoreMST3K.

Until then, have a wonderful holiday season, and thanks again for all of your support.