Future Kickstarter Campaigns and Gizmoplex Pricing

Here’s a thought…

This past Kickstarter raised $6,519,019 from 36,581 backers.

Obviously the pledges range big and small, but overall that averages to roughly $178.21 a person.

Right now the Season Pass for the Gizmoplex is $135. There are different pricing tiers, but let’s just go with that Season Pass pricing for this thought experiment.

If next year, after Season 13, at least 36,581 people decide to sign up for another year’s worth of the Gizmoplex to help fund a Season 14, that could raise $4,938,435.

As we know with the $6,519,019 Kickstarter money, not all of it goes to the production of episodes. Some of it goes to the awesome swag and fees that go along with the campaign.

I’m not against future Kickstarter campaigns, I’d absolutely support another, but using these rough numbers as a guide, I would suggest it’s not out of the realm of possibility another Kickstarter may not be required.

The experiment that is “The Gizmoplex” model, could legitimately put MST 3K onto a sustainable financial path forward for more seasons.

Such exciting times in the history of this show to be sure! :blush:


Pretty sure that’s the big plan. Make the show sustainable without having to pass the hat around every year.

I just hope they keep making Blu-ray sets.


It wouldn’t bother me if I paid for a renewed pass every year. Along with the occasional merchandise purchase at the Gizmoplex gift shop.


That could be a great additional revenue stream- you could still sell physical media, posters, shirts, etc through the Gizmoplex.


I’m sure that this is the plan and the numbers hopefully will support that… but, I’d be open to an additional KS to fund improvement to the apps? The apps need work, especially to attract new members who didn’t back the most recent KS. I’m happy to contribute to future updates especially if it helps grow our cult, er community, by making the overall experience better for everyone.


Yeah, I brought this up in one of the fb groups during the KS as a hypothetical, and people lost their minds and said it was too expensive. I thought the point was to get beyond Kickstarter to a self-sustaining Alternaversal Productions.


Yeah, I think the point was to get beyond Kickstarter to a self-sustaining Alternaversal Productions, but I can see there being a Kickstarter for something not related to another season of MST3K. For example, I’d be more than willing to contribute for improved apps. More specifically, I’d love to have the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater experience on my Smart TV. I don’t like watching movies on my iPad or iPhone, I want to watch them on my TV, and I’d love to do it through the virtual theater interface. Ivan said that a Gizmoplex Virtual Theater app for Smart TVs would be way too expensive, but if there’s a Kickstarter for it, take my money!


Everyone’s budget is obviously their own, and while I definitely think that $135 a year maybe a lot to a family’s budget, I think if you break down the amount of new material and content you get access to each month, that definitely helps the medicine go down.

I mentioned elsewhere, if there was a way to add further content to the Gizmoplex, that would only help viewership more.

Hanging with Dr Z, maybe some Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic, etc.

I had thought of bringing back the MST Hour.

Though it obviously won’t happen, if The Mads premiered an event on there, that would be huge too.


I very Very VERY much want for the Gizmoplex shop to one day offer the posters for all the movies. And not just the little DVD sized ones (though having those would be nice too) but actual full size movie poster prints of the MST3K art covers for each movie. A print on demand of these would be a small gold mine for Alternaversal.

And $125 to $150 a year for a Gizmoplex pass? Absolutely. That’s 10 to 12 bucks a month. Totally worth it.