What I think about having to pay for

a subscription for the Gizmoplex after shelling out a bunch of money to have things made to begin with. 80 some dollars for this??!! Sorry but Lee Ving is right

I’m a little confused. I didn’t think the Gizmoplex was even close to launching yet. Do we know what the costs are going to be at this point? Did I miss an announcement?

I’m not watching the video, so I may be misinterpreting your point, but every backer level from $85 up came with a year-long Gizmoplex pass, and most of the lower levels include some months.
What are you saying?


I’m not sure what your Kickstarter pledge level was, but for a $35 pledge, you get a 3 month pass. $50 = 6 months, $75 = 9 months and $85+ = 12 months.


I did just see that fans are being directed to Season 13 Test :: Mystery Science Theater 3000 to get a Gizmoplex pass, which is not necessary if you backed the Kickstarter at one of those levels.

Where are they being directed from?

There was a Season 13 teaser on Shout’s MST3K channel.

From what was shown on a recent post was a tier type basis. Example like so much money a month like Netflix would get you so many new episodes. I think that is garbage, for all true fans who paid during a pandemic to show true love when we had no money and still have no money to want to see hope and encouragement. Folk the 3d glasses I deserve a seat in the Gizmoplex.

@ivan or @Lesley , can you clarify for B.B. what’s going on with subscriptions for those who’ve already donated?

My understanding was similar to @wyswysia 's, but maybe I missed something…? :thinking:

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My understanding is that subscribing to the Gizmoplex grants access to social stuff – premieres, watch parties, special events, etc. But the store portion, including watching/managing purchased episodes, will be outside this paywall, so if a fan only wants to buy downloadable episodes after they’ve premiered, no subscription is necessary.

I imagine we’ll get clarification on this as the launch approaches.

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I could watch Fear antagonize a whole audience in that first Decline of Western Civilization movie all day.


maybe this pertains to after the first year, it could go to an additional fee subscription model after that?

but my understanding is also that if you paid that much in the kickstarter your access will be included to some extent for the first year.

Yeah, you’re over-reacting to something you don’t understand.

If you pledged at a level that includes a monthly pass (for however many months for that level), YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STILL BUY A PASS.

You are not being gouged. No one is abusing your generosity.

You should really just relax.


Could you cite the post you’re referencing? I don’t recall Gizmoplex particulars starting to get nailed down and I’d like to refrain from replying until after seeing what you saw.

The only tiers or tier-based structure that I’m aware of, up to this point, are the pledge levels in the Kickstarter campaign.

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If you paid for something in the Kickstarter campaign, then you get what you were promised. I don’t know what tier you gave at, but there wasn’t any obfuscation here. If you only gave enough to get less than a year of the Gizmoplex, then you get the number of months that were promised in that tier and you don’t get the same as someone who gave at a higher level.

So yeah, you get a seat at the Gizmoplex if you gave at a lower tier, but like a movie theater, once that movie is over (or the term of the Gizmoplex pass is up), then you have to buy another ticket to get more because that’s how tickets work. They’re always limited in scope of time.


The look Darby Crash gives at the end of the dead painter story tells the entire story of punk in a split second. Great doc.


I imagine what is happening is there is advertisement for subscriptions because, well, lots of folks are watching MST3K twitch or whatever who didn’t join the Kickstarter. The kickstarter absolutely included a year access for anything pledge level 85 and above, and smaller chunks of access for lower pledge levels.

I am expecting I’ve already paid for GizmoPlex access from March '22 to March '23. But if someone didn’t pledge or didn’t know or couldn’t afford it then, now is a time to get in for a discounted rate. Nowhere, except this thread, have I seen a suggestion that folks who pledged enough would need to get an extra pass