Give 'em a cheer while they're still here!

Singer and noted boots advocate Nancy Sinatra is 82.

And for some utterly inexplicable reason, she is still NOT in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!


I thought these guys had been mentioned already, but the search I did just now showed that they have not.

So an overdue cheer to two of my comedy heroes, The Smothers Brothers!

Here’s one of my favorite bits by them:

Here the brothers go electric!

I got to see them perform once back in the early 2000s. They were still great.

This, for me, is one of the finest moments in TV history:

Tom (The Yo-Yo Man) is 86.
Dick (The one mom always liked best) is 84.

They announced back in Dec. that they would be touring this year. If they come anywhere near you, I’d certainly recommend seeing them in person.


I mentioned them in my first post, with a picture. But the more cheer, the merrier. I saw them on their “finale” tour, and they still had it, were as great as ever. Happy to learn they are returning for another.

Those clips were wonderful


This is my favorite bit.


It’s hard to look at these two in their suits and ties and think that they were considered to be subversive and dangerous for their comedic observations.


That’s why they were considered so subversive and dangerous. It was a lot easier to just laugh off the hippies and freaks.


I thought they had been mentioned before, but I see what happened. I searched for “smothers” and in your post it was spelled “Smother’s”, so that’s why the search didn’t match up.

Exactly. They seemed so clean-cut and mainstream, yet their comedy (moreso in the sketches on their show than in their musical routines) would often touch on political and cultural issues of the day in ways no other variety show of the time would ever dare. I think their clean-cut image made them a favorite of moms all across America, especially moms who had squabbling sons of their own. I know my mom loved them even though her political beliefs were quite different from theirs.


He’s only 75, but I think Sam Neill deserves a cheer for surviving stage III blood cancer, which is now in remission.


Oh heck yes. I panicked a little when a friend sent me an article with very dire clickbaity title, but I follow Sam on the social medias, so when I saw his video saying he’s been in remission for months, I took a very deep breath and felt better.

He, Sam Waterston, and Sam(uel) L Jackson are “my Sams” and I’m protective of them! :laughing: