Gizmoplex International Question

I have a question I couldn’t find the answer to anywhere else: does anyone know if the Gizmoplex is accessible outside the USA? I have the three month backer subscription but this summer we are moving back overseas. Before I decide if I want to purchase the remaining months of the year, it’d be helpful to know if I can actually watch episodes abroad (specifically in Turkey and then Malaysia) or if there are rights issues that means this is a US only thing. I know that most international Netflix don’t carry the two Netflix seasons, but that may be because the humour doesn’t translate. Anyone know the answer here?

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I know there are folks in the UK who have been watching the soft launch episodes, so I don’t think it’s geo-blocked in any way.


I’ve been watching the soft launch from Japan without issue (no VPN), so unless some unexpected, drastic change occurs I think maybe you might possibly be ok …?


Watching ok from ireland here :slight_smile:


There was talk of no region-limiting during the kickstarter, but the proof is in the pudding after all. The physical media has definitely been promised as region-free. @ivan is (probably) the right person to answer you about streaming the Gizmoplex around the world.


I’m in Scotland and it works just fine. No VPNs or anything.


VHX went all strange back in February and started saying a whole bunch of episodes were not available in my region. I contacted the Kickstarter team and they fixed it in a couple of days.

My understanding from this is that, certainly existing purchases, are region free deliberately and permanently.


My understanding is one reason the Gizmoplex is on the moon, is so all of Earth can receive the signal, region free.

I can confirm the Northern Lights do not interfere and that it works great in Canada.