Have helmet will jumpsuit or... who'da thunk Gizmonics was so safety conscious?

Not really the type to ever wear such out in public, but a search I started years ago for the correct helmet has led me to a… well, it’s a bit of a silly thing. One or two more and I’ll call this part of things done.

Then I’ll start hunting down the overalls- they’re not so much rare as you have to be a bit lucky and picky on their condition and what you can do to dye them correctly, starting with multiples of certain colors, yow.

(Yes, they’re all the correct helmet style)


The helmets are multiplying!


Ya know from time to time I swear I hear a little shuffling and some burping sounds…

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So to try to keep some momentum on this search… should anyone see one of these in green (only one I’ve seen was in rough shape), or red or black (the only two colors that I haven’t seen them in), drop a body a note? :slight_smile:

I’ll probably start to chart the overalls search here too… pending employment sigh…

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