I bet the Blue Origin launch inspires some MST3K moments

This could be an Off topic thread but I’m trying to make it on topic anyway.

We just watched the launch here and I felt like speculating about what is likely to be added to the Moon 13 story of MST3K.

It’s a million dollar bungie jump. The second place show was better than Me First guy in the Great Space Race. Did the thrusters fire correctly on the landing craft? Is Moon 13 going to be REAL and when? Is my nephew the drumming space baby who gets Jonah’s fate?

It was also somewhat annoying that assumptions about race were addressed from a more elderly perspective to an educated and presumably liberal leaning audience, but maybe it was necessary to have that soundbite so that people not interested are forced back into the discussion and we know who the less sensitive academics are? I don’t look like someone who gets to choose how gentle the challenges are, but of course we’ve had black astronauts and I thought positively about them as kind humans when I saw First Spaceship on Venus long before today with the commentary about the inspired black child watching the launch. And I love Baron Vaughn’s gospel take on Servo as the right person to bring out his soulful qualities.

I’m sure there are differences between making television and Kingachrome and actually shooting a craft of astronauts into space. But I’m also sure both were done by committee.

I’m trying to steer this thread towards the history of Mystery Science Theater 3000 as space poetry in observance of today and both billionaire space programs launching. What do you think? Thoughts on Silent Running? Speculation on the next season?

I hope we get a great Gospel song on the joy of strapping humans to explosions and why we keep going up there.


All I kept thinking was “CAPSULE!!!”

I know that’s not poetic, but forgive me, as I’ve not yet woken up this morning.


Given two appalling billionaires up there, clearly it’s time to reference Pigs In Space.


I was reminded of The Critic and the Eleanor Sherman Foundation For Blasting The Poor Into Space.


This morning the grand experiment celebration party continues. I try to sort out the nobility of Moon 13 being potentially real with the reality that a space billionaire just said we can move our human industrial pollution activity out into space until someone? in the giant hole we are tossing our crap into tosses our garbage back out at us as in a Japanese spec fiction story I read once. Where is the Kingachrome in the moon colony? How much will be produced? Will seasonal affective disorder and suicidal ideation among moon warehouse workers stop them or will they just switch to Replicants until the Replicants escape and commit protest murders on Earth?

Still, I definitely voted for more Kingachrome with my purchases. Is it human nature to be offered stuff and think, in this moment I don’t have stuff and there’s already pollution so how can that future moment with more stuff and more pollution be bad? My lack of stuff will be GONE! I will be a hungry ghost more often and the space billionaire is a hero who facilitated me having more space stuff.

My super senior baby boomer parents are probably happier than I am. I’m an Xennial and super conscious of the mentally ill sped up industrial planet with poor communication skills the boomers and Xers left for technosocial therapy junky millennials and online entrepreneur Gen Zers to clean up. INNNNN SPAAAAACEEE!!!


Putting Pigs in Space was porkbarrel politics at its worst. :crazy_face: