I’m loving ALL this

I’m loving every little bit of all of it. I wept when Joel left then accepted and grew to love Mike. I threw myself in a river when Crow changed and The Mads left. However, today I can’t imagine having no Pearl, no Brain Guy or no Bobo.
I’m just so happy that all of this is happening and I get to be apart of it. #MST3KFamily
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Amen to that. It was great to watch new episodes on the Sci-Fi Channel and Netflix, but there’s something even more special about this latest go-round.

It’s a spectacular time to be a MSTie, to be among the MSTies here.

And that’s a fantastic thing!


Yeah, let’s count some of our blessings here.

Top of the list, as sad as I was to see the show end back in 1999, the time away really gave everyone involved an opportunity to reinvent the world and try some different things. In Season 11, the show moved to the moon. In Season 12, they asked the question: what if the host had to watch all of those movies IN A ROW? (Yeah, it was a Netflix thing, but ultimately it was also an interesting twist to the formula.) And now we have multiple hosts, a movie theater on the moon, and Dr. Cabal, the Mysterious Financier From the Future. It’s so cool watching the new series grow into its own identity.

I’m also really glad everyone from Season 11 and 12 came back. With the extended hiatus, I was bracing myself for some casting changes – and, if the time comes, I will accept it gracefully – but knowing we have at least one more season with Jonah, Kinga, Max, and Synthia (not to mention Baron, Hampton, and Rebecca voicing the bots) just really makes me happy.

And these forums! Nothing like a dash of good old fashioned Web 1.0. It takes me right back to sitting in the college computer labs, bouncing around the Sci Fi Channel’s message boards. (I watched Gumby, dangit!) Joel’s talking about how to bring the community together and make the Gizmoplex feel like a social experience, and this is exactly how you do it.

And finally… I think it’s only just occurring to the team what a mammoth undertaking they’ve gotten themselves into. Producing 13 feature-length episodes of MST3K and building a virtual movie theater and committing to a year-long schedule of live shows in a single year – while working through a pandemic! – what can you call that but absolute madness. Honestly, I just hope that they’re taking care of themselves. Everything’s starting to come together, and it’s already a lot of fun.