Hamdinger Escape Pod Time

Dear fellow MSTies,

It is time for me to follow TV’s Frank and Torgo the White into second banana heaven. I won’t be renewing my Gizmoplex pass for 2023. :cry: I enthusiastically backed seasons 11 and 12 on Kickstarter. Did the same for season 13 but it hasn’t been as good for me. MST3K must grow and evolve so I’m probably just ageing out, but I didn’t find this season as fun. To me, the quips seemed more predictable and the host segments less enjoyable. Over the past few months I found myself wondering, “Hey, what’s the deal with this stuff not bein’ bold?!” Oh, there have been some bright spots (throws a special wink to Synthia and gooses Max) but not quite enough for me.

So, adieu MSTies but don’t forget me. We’ll always have Catalina. And I have a feeling that, like many minor celebrities fleeing Twitter these days, I’ll be back eventually. I still have some DVDs, digital download Kickstarter rewards, and a Twitch account to fall back on when I’m jonesing for some hot quipping action. MSTies are the best fan base around. :fist:

Press the button, Frank.

Cue the MST3K Love Theme.

Special Thanks to Joel, Jonah, Emily and the whole gang; Teachers of America; All MSTies coast to coast; and the Authors of the 1st Amendment

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You’ll also still have the gizmoplex, if you want it. It’ll still let you watch the stuff you bought already and the old classic stuff’ll be there for you to keep watching if you wants. You just won’t get the new stuff.


I felt the same way after Season 12 (actually, I also felt that way for most of Seasons 8-10), but my interest has been rejuvenated this season. Except for one or two episodes that seemed to be aimed at an audience I wasn’t a part of (especially Robot Wars), this season has ticked every box for me.

What I’m saying is, you never know. If more seasons are made, you may find yourself regaining interest.


I really hope so.

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