MST3K fan appreciation thread

Okay… this is a little cheesy and not totally on topic, but I just want to give a shout out to, well, ALL of you! The world is crazy, stressful, and full of insanity. But no matter what happens I can tune into my fav episode and find solace.

Knowing there’s a whole community of people out there from different places, backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences, that share my love of the show seriously gives me hope for humanity at times.

So a round of applause to you, fellow Mistie, and some sincere gratitude for being here. I love you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and I’d love to hear about how everyone feels about their fellow fans!


First, I’d like to thank my mom…

Seriously, though, always appreciate my fellow MST3K fans. The fact that I can throw out a random quote from any episode and you guys get it brings me joy.

Here’s to you, won’t you?


I agree, the best part of MST3K is… well the show but the SECOND best part is the fandom! :slight_smile:

A few years back I gave up on Facebook, logged out and never went back. I knew the only thing I would miss was the MST3K Revival group. It was a such a great group of folks just bonding over something wonderful and wholesome and pure. I hope this new forum will bring a bit of that back into my life!


Sure… you say you love me, but when was the last time you gave me flowers?


:bouquet: :sunflower: :rose:


Pats self on back

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