In Search of Jollyfilter

Given all the emotion over the luckless campaign, I decided it would be helpful to lighten the mood on the forums, literally speaking with this topic.

We all know that Joel is more than MST3K but not many of us aside from a few diehards have seen such efforts. Fortunately, for me at least, I fondly remember seeing a nifty experiment he and his brother did years ago. It had the potential to take “goofing on a movie” to the next level. All the details can be found in this article, written by yours truly (wink?):

As you can see, the original video disappeared years ago and it never showed up anywhere else since then. Still, there’s a chance that it could be out there, waiting to be excavated. That’s why I’m rounding up a search party. If anyone has this video, please do come forward! My nostalgia depends on it!


Wow, I had never heard of this before. Thanks!

Never heard of it either.

The comment on that page, “Found a link to the videos thumbnail. All searches on the wayback machine require Flash, which as we now know is not possible.” – I wonder if Ruffle can handle what is necessary here? It seamlessly handles Flash elements in a lot of cases, but I know stuff on Wayback might be a different matter…