Is There a Delay in Watching the Premier?

So I wasn’t able to watch the premier but, when I logged into the 'Plex, I’m not seeing an option to watch the episode. When I click on the episode, it just brings me to the 30 second preview. This happened on both my computer and the Fire TV app. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

It hasn’t aired yet is the reason! 8pm ET / 5pm PT / 1am GMT

It premiers 7pm CST Tonight.

I believe the premier comes out later tonight. 3/4/2022 AD.

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You don’t watch the premier, the premier watches you.


It’s currently 8:45 pacific time, and I’m in Hawaii, and I’m in the same situation as the OP; I can play the 30-second trailer. I can get to a screen that has a static image with an icon that shows it’s off-air. But I don’t see any way to play it. Anyone can lend a hand? I haven’t found any other way to try and access it?