Juli Reding (Vi in Tormented) passes


Juli Reding, who played Vi “Tom Stewart killed me!” Mason in Tormented, died September 16 at age 85.


Is Tom Stewart a suspect?

How close was she to a lighthouse railing?

Too soon?


She’ll be back.

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I mean… it kinda is… but we were all thinking it anyway.


An aptly named movie, it was kinda dark for Mst3k. And that ending will make you want to eat a Glock. As for Ms. Reding, she was an attractive woman that played her part well in what was probably Bert I Gordon’s best film. Sorry to see her pass but 85 years is a decent run. Rest in peace.


Personally I think The Magic Sword is better, but yeah it is a nice change of pace from his usual giant critter movies. The basic storyline is reminiscent of the sort of thing they’d have on Inner Sanctum Mysteries. All that’s needed to complete the resemblance is to throw in a couple of pitches for Lipton products and have Raymond Johnson deliver some tasteless puns.

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