KTMA 13. SST: Death Flight (1977)

Also features one of my favorite riffs of the KTMA run:

Servo: Everybody form two lines: Love Boat on the left, Fantasy Island on the right!


Just now watched this.

Holy cow, look at all those 1960’s/1970’s TV actors!

The movie itself shrieks “made for TV.” Watchable but forgettable. So many implausible plot points.

Sabotage the plane so it will turn around, but if it happens not to turn around, you’ll die with everybody else; great plan!

Sure, we’ll take this extremely dangerous biological material on the very first flight of this new plane!

Yep, we can walk around the cargo hold that has a huge hole in it without being unable to breathe or getting sucked out!

No, there’s no possible way we can allow a plane containing a virulent flu virus to land, even though we could just avoid getting anywhere near it! (Come on, this isn’t the Andromeda Strain or the Satan Bug; let the plane sit by itself until you get some folks in protective gear to decontaminate the area.)

Yep, we can have a crash landing and have almost everybody escape with minor injuries!

Decent riffing.

Joke I predicted the punch line for:

“Where is Dakar, anyway?”
“I think it’s in da garage.”


I didn’t pay any more attention to The Brady Bunch after I was 13 or 14. But every time I watch this, I still feel like Robert Reed brought more to the dreary script than it deserved. He really gave more to it than the usual made-for-TV vibe.

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