KTMA 7. Gamera vs. Zigra (1971)

The Cranberries make First Contact? “Another monster comes to Earth and he is smitten…” “A boy and family end up captured by a woman…” “But she’s mad, and she’s pissed, and she talks to her ship…” “In her head, in her head, she is possessed…” “Then Gamera, he arrives, and the ship, starts to rise…” “Flaming breath, flaming breath, it is changing!!!” “The ship!!! The ship!!! It’s Zigra!!! It’s Zigra!!! It’s Zigra-ra-ra!!!” “It’s ray!!! It’s ray!!! Freezes meat!!! Freezes meat!!! Even Turtle Meat!!!” Daiei went bankrupt after this but Gamera lives on. Unfrozen Crow, Underwater Experiment, Depressed, New Year’s Resolutions, Reviewing The Movie. “You ever hear of Sandy Frank?” “Well once I dropped my Corn Dog at the State Fair”, “Better music than usual”, “I’m getting a little seasick here.” “That’s good with rice” or “Auntie Em!!! Auntie Em!!!”?


KTMA 7. Gamera vs. Zigra (1971).


KTMA Gamera vs. Zigra (1971) Rerun Commercial.


It’s Just A Show 86. [MST3K K07. Gamera vs. Zigra]

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