Lemmy and the Fediverse

I just joined Lemmy recently. It’s sort of like Reddit, but a little less user-friendly and smaller at the moment. I am hoping both of those things will change because it seems like they have made several improvements in just the short time I’ve been using it. Is anyone else here using it or are in any other Fediverse communities? I’d love any recommendations.

There is an MST3K community on Lemmy.world, but it’s mostly dead right now.


I know a few Mastodon people, but I’ve never really ventured much into social media.

Says the forum regular.


I’m on Mastodon (sfba.social server). I’ve never really used Reddit because when it first started it was kind of a cesspool - more like 4Chan than what it is now – and I have a hard time shaking that impression. I know Reddit’s owners are trying to ruin it a la Twitter, but Mastodon really isn’t a good Twitter substitute, so I wonder if anything decentralized is a good swap for the big name networks.

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I’ve looked at Mastodon, but even Twitter-lite is too fast-paced for me. The nice thing about Lemmy is that right now, there aren’t a million people on it and a very low instance of trolls.

Which server were you on? My server is (by some lists) around the 14th largest server, but I spend virtually all of my time on the “Home” tab which is only people I follow. Since that’s currently 31 people, it’s pretty mellow. If I get bored I can hop over to the Local tab and if I lose my mind I can check Federated but 99% of the time it’s just my little tiny circle.

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I don’t remember. I just browsed around a bit. I didn’t know who to follow or anything.

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Finding people to follow is hard since the whole Mastodon network is still kinda small. I started with just a few people I’d followed on Twitter (like Popehat, Mike Masnick, Michael Harriot, Emptywheel), and I spent a little time on Local and if someone had several interesting posts I’d follow them to see if it kept up. But there’s also a lot of booooring stuff on Local so it can be a bit of a slog. And since Masto has no real verification (just like Twitter now!) it can be hard to know if the person is who they say they are.

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I don’t think it’s smaller as so much as it is less interconnected.

It’s definitely smaller. Mastodon has about 5 million users. Twitter has 450 million.

But small is good sometimes. Small means you aren’t overwhelmed or lost in the noise.

True, but I think the big issue is that it feels harder to make a dent since there’s not really any discovery mechanisms beyond simple word of mouth.

For some that’s a good thing; for some it isn’t.

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This was the first of my social media communities to break the ice on Lemmy, and today I just ran across a second. I haven’t made the jump yet, but I’m watching.

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