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I’m kind of surprised we don’t have a thread for this yet, actually.

A few films I’ve seen recently (like, in the last week)

I went today to the theater for the first time since COVID. What brought me out? Across the Spider-verse, of course! And, if anything, it’s even more of a ‘Wow!’ than the first film. It’s amazing how the filmmakers tell a tale that could be total confusion, yet keep everything perfectly clear. A few laugh out loud moments (‘I think it’s a Banksy’), a few tears, lots of surprises. We start out with Gwen’s origin story and she’s a big part of the story this time, but the story is still centered on Miles. All in all, definitely a keeper.

Amazon gave a month of free Prime again, so I took the opportunity to watch Creed III. It was. . .fine? I mean, it’s basically a riff of Rocky III with higher emotional stakes, and yet I wasn’t emotionally engaged at all. And I should have been. I cry really easily at movies, more so than IRL, and I felt nothing. I’m not sure what the problem was - maybe it was a bit too glib? I don’t know. Won’t be giving that one a rewatch.

Speaking of multiverses - I had a friend over and MADE her watch Everything Everywhere All at Once because I think it’s the best movie of at least the last 10 years. Love, love, love it. If you haven’t seen it yet, why haven’t you? Just watch it.

I’m retired now, so I’m watching a lot more than I used to, and more willing to scroll through Tubi and watch stuff I might not have taken the time for before. A couple of ‘cozy’ movies I recently saw and enjoyed quite a lot were Miss Potter (the life of Beatrix Potter) and Martian Child, based on the life of David Gerrold and his weird kid (I know that sounds kind of mean, but I like weird! The story is ultimately charming and heartfelt and I do recommend it)

Have you seen anything recently that would recommend seeing or avoiding?


The other night I watched the exploitation classic Switchblade Sisters. It’s a weird one, especially considering it’s a loose Othello adaptation about white women (and there are black characters, militant activists the antiheroes team up with). And as you might expect, it has some problematic aspects and elements you might not want to get into with a content warning. But it’s also a lot of fun and has an aura of cool.

I also feel like even though the director was trying to make an exploitation picture, it feels like it half-works as a feminist actioner (though the real threat is… female jealousy… so less cool there). And also, the three main characters have some awesome fashion.

It goes to some wild places and overall is just a blast to watch. I also feel like it is due for a remake/re-imagining (or using it as the basis for an original film) with women at the helm. Not even telling the same story, just using the idea of a girl gang gaining power and dealing with internal strife in a slick yet grungy way.

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I love the UK version of Ghosts, but after starting to watch it recently, I love the US version more. IMO, Jay is superior to Mike, and, as much of an Anglophile as I am, I appreciate the US-based characterizations and jokes more.

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I watched the first episode of US Ghosts. Seemed to just be variations on ine or two jokes. Did it get better?

Yes, it does. It finds its own footing quickly and there are some fantastic episodes and quirks it develops.

Back in 2000, there was a pilot made for the BBC for a Lovecraft themed series called Rough Magik, featuring Paul By Gawd Darrow. Unfortunately, it never went to series.

Failed TV Pilots: Rough Magik – Mutant Reviewers (

Pool of London is a good little British noir that balances the tragedy of a black sailor struggling to find connections in 1950s London while his friend gets over his head and realizes he’s unintentionally risked his friend’s life with a new smuggling venture. I will say as much as I wanted to have one of the co-leads have a happy ending considering what he goes through, I was bracing for something a little more nihilist. It’s interesting that director Basil Deardon did this and All Night Long (his reimagining of Othello), films that feel like they are heading for big tragedies for the black co-leads who seem headed for disaster and then backs off. I feel like it’s almost like he can’t bring himself to lower the boom after everything and gives them the chance to move on.