MST 3k on Peacock!

Saw these articles pop up and though we all know we can watch the show on a myriad of different platforms, still found this interesting.

Between this and the forever marathon on YouTube, it does FEEL like there’s something going on in the background. Trying to get more eyes on it.

(Or I’m just wishful thinking, haha)


I agree it’s interesting. Always glad to see the show getting shown, hope this means they’re getting some money.

(And would I subscribe to Peacock for more MST3K? Yes.)


As of this message–roughly 7:45am CST 2/24/2024–I only see Hercules Against The Moon Men from S4 on there. Others could be coming, but at the moment, here’s the breakdown:

S1: 1 episode
S3: 1 episode
S4: 1 episode
S5: 3 episodes
S6: 1 episode
S9: 2 episodes
S10: 1 episode

10 total, nothing that can’t be seen on the other various platforms. Again, there could be more to come, but the S4 article is a tad misleading, especially in referencing the season premiere that, to this point, has never been allowed to be legally streamed.

To the point of MST3K being streamable in more places: yes, please!!

ETA: I referenced S4 in my post because I think the OP only included the S4 article when I first saw it. :grin:


I found the same on Peacock. For the curious, those episodes are:

S1: Robot Holocaust.
S3: Pod People.
S4: Hercules Against the Moon Men,
S5: Swamp Diamonds, Mitchell, Beginning of the End.
S6: Zombie Nightmare.
S9: Puma Man, Devilfish.
S10: Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues.


I was thinking about this when I saw this thread. Sure Space Travelers wouldn’t be streamable on Peacock as it’s owned by Columbia, but I wonder if this would eventually free the episodes with Universal movies (Peacock is part of NBC Universal). This would include most of the Season 8 Episodes missing from the Gizmoplex.


Excellent point @ryanmac923. That’s something to be optimistic about, as well as the thought of another streaming home for the show.

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Literally the only thing that could make me pay for Peacock

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