MST3K and Other Celebs on

Hi everyone. I thought this would be a good place for people to share Twitch streamers they’ve run across who are with MST3K or are funny celebs that you follow.

MST3K has its own Twitch channel over on MST3K - Twitch (often has about 500 people watching)!

Felicia Day (Kinga Forrester) has her stream FeliciaDay - Twitch She likes shooter type games, but is a variety streamer (often has about 500 people watching as well). Feel free to swing by and chat with her!

Do you know any others with MST3K on

Please stay on that topic for 48 hours; after which feel free to promote your own Twitch stream if you have one.

What is Twitch? Twitch is a streaming platform with an interactive moderated chat. Think YouTube (but Live). People have their own channels and grow their communities. Most people on this platform play video games, but there is a growing population of educators and celebs seeking this new way to reach out to their fans. It is owned by Amazon.

Moderators: I’m not affiliated with any of these Twitch streams and I’m not self-promoting them.




Nice to see the MST3K Twitch channel get a shout out here! If anyone’s interested, they show episodes of MST3K, some Rifftrax, and some Cinematic Titanic episodes 24/7. On “MSTie Mondays” there’s usually a theme to the episodes in the evening along with a giveaway, and they recently started doing “Crowback Thursdays” where five of the episodes are played in the order they aired (almost done with Season 1).

Always nice to have new folks stop by and check the channel out. Stop by and say hi from the forums, or just lurk and enjoy the cheesy movies, won’t you?


Loooooove the twitch stream. I legit put it on when I’m going to bed every night!