MST3K and the Hollywood Walk of Fame

This set of Mystery Science Theater 3000 trivia concerns the Hollywood Walk of Fame, of which many an MST3K person has been immortalized.

  1. When the Walk of Fame was first proposed, a prototype with eight randomly drawn names was installed in 1958 to generate publicity for the project. Among these people was an MST3K actor. Who was it?

  2. When groundbreaking occurred on February 8, 1960, 76 MST3K people received stars. Of these, 8 received multiple stars for different categories. How many can you name?

  3. Sometimes, Walk of Fame stars are awarded posthumously. A total of 8 MST3K people were recognized in such a fashion. How many can you name?

  4. Which MST3K person has received a star the most recently?


Preston Foster, who played Dr. Erik von Steiner in The Time Travelers

Granted, Earl Holliman hasn’t been IN a MST’ed movie yet. But a skit was centered around him (in Season 4’s Attack of the The Eye Creatures), so that’s good enough for me! Now say it with me: EARRRRRL HOLLIMAN!


Lurene Tuttle (Keenan Wynn’s wife in Clonus), with one star for radio and one for TV.


For #3 I thought Raul Julia might be one of the answers, but it appears that Mr. Julia still does not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!


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Stars have to be paid for. (I think $10,000) I remember years ago the Hardcastle & McCormick fans did all sorts of fundraising efforts to get a star for Brian Keith.


Which I guess explains why there is no Ed Wood star either.

For #3 – Bela Lugosi, who passed away in 1956, four years before the Walk of Fame existed.

Msties tried (in vain) to get John Reynolds (Torgo) a star on the walk. We should try again. He deserves it for being in one of the most notorious movies ever. He committed suicide and it may be because of his role in Manos. Let’s get him on the walk!

Any MST fan who happens to find themselves in Tinseltown would be well advised to stop by 6276 Hollywood Blvd. to gaze upon the grandeur of


Honey, I shrunk the Opie star!

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The Answers:

  1. Preston Foster (The Time Travelers)

  2. Lew Ayres (Stranded in Space, for Film and Radio), Arthur Godfrey (Angels’ Revenge, for Television, Recording, and Radio), Guy Madison (The Beast of Hollow Mountain, for Television and Radio), Basil Rathbone (The Magic Sword, for Film, Television, and Radio), Cesar Romero (Lost Continent, for Film and Television), Kent Taylor (The Crawling Hand, for Film and Television), Lowell Thomas (The Chicken of Tomorrow, for Film and Radio), and Lurene Tuttle (Untamed Youth and Parts: The Clonus Horror, for Television and Radio).

  3. Bela Lugosi (The Corpse Vanishes, The Phantom Creeps, and Bride of the Monster), William Farnum (Undersea Kingdom), Smiley Burnette (Undersea Kingdom), Alan Curtis (Undersea Kingdom), David Janssen (SST: Death Flight and Space Travelers), Mae Busch (The Mad Monster), George Reeves (Jungle Goddess), and Guy Williams (I Was a Teenage Werewolf).

  4. Magic Voyage of Sinbad script adapter Francis Ford Coppola received his star on March 21, 2022.