MST3K in Other Media

Normally MST3K is all about the obscure references. What about references TO MST3K?

Let’s put together a collection of some of our favorite homages to the crew of the SOL! Don’t forget to include the source if you can!

Let’s start with one of the most famous, Futurama!
In season 2, episode 12, our favorite ‘bots tell the main cast of the show to be quiet so they can watch the movie.

Here’s our robot friends as part of Rick Jones’ collection of the most powerful artifacts in the Marvel Universe in Hulk: Future Imperfect (1993)!

(Crow is hiding in that first panel)


Even video games can’t escape our plucky cast! In the MMORPG “City of Villians” players could get missions from Dr. Clayton Forester himself!

So, where have you spotted the ‘botteds?!… Er, ‘bots?


Spotted the ‘bots.

Or anyone else for that matter? Happy hunting!


Great topic! Sadly I don’t have any examples to provide, but I’ll keep an eye out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


While I haven’t read it myself, I know there was a my little pony comic that made the rounds a while back with the mads in it! I don’t know the issue myself though, I just saw it around.

Another one I haven’t actually read, but one of the Archie Comics Sonic series (issue 52, if google is to be believed) had Crow and Servo in it
On an old Team Fortress 2 Update page (from the Replay Update in 2011) the site has a graphic of the mercs watching the update video and Scout is making this pose, which I have a feeling was intentional


Here’s a couple more!

In the #0 issue of the Muppet Show Comic Book published by BOOM Studios (2009) we can see some familiar faces at a table to the left…

In Star Wars Tales #1 (1999) we get to see a stripped down version of the ‘bots as well.


Lastly, while not TECHNICALLY an MST3K reference, I’m including it because I love the series, and, let’s face it, Manos is synonymous with MST3K, check out the Hand Witch (a witch who has the magical power to control hands) from Gravity Falls in the episode “Little Gift Shop of Horrors.”

Happy hunting!


oh, and while not technically a reference, a couple Cartoon Network shows have had Joel and Bill on them, and im willing to guess it’s because somebody on the respective crews might have been a fan given they don’t tend to do much voicework normally. Joel played Mayor Dewey for Steven Universe’s run, and Bill played Perry the Parasite in Infinity Train recently.


Hearing Joel yell “Gotta gank that youth vote boy-ee!” from that episode makes me laugh EVERY time.


Good to see Moes shows only the best for their patrons


Tangentially: Joel as Zalien Fletcher and Trace as his robot co-star named (surely not coincidentally) A.R.T. in Other Space.


Some folks on the Satellite of Love Discord server (invite) came up with these so far!

This one from the Simpsons

credit: AcetyleneLamp

Another Futurama clip, my favorite actually:
“Don’t talk during the movie!”

credit: AcetyleneLamp

Rick and Morty’s Pilot!

credit: ringu0


Not sure if this counts, but the MST3k silhouette was briefly aired over the Olympics in 2008 on one particular local broadcaster in Montana.

The blogger the article mentions was me. I was so edgy.


Comic book artist Todd Nauck is a MSTie and illustrated the MST3K comic book and sometimes sneaks MST into his other works.

Also, Animaniacs had ‘MST3K’ stamped on the outside of a spaceship in a movie the Warners were watching in the short ‘Potty Emergency.’


While googling, I came upon a MST reference from Deadpool… (I think this is Todd Nauck’s work)

There’s the classic cameo in the video “Troops.”


An issue of Impulse where he faces the Joker has a Crowtacular cameo…


One more-- I remember being quite surprised that a comic as bland as Sally Forth had a MST-themed strip.



I think it totally counts!

And amazing detective work on your part! Well spotted!

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Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of my comic collection anymore, but there was one issue of the anthropomorphic comic Shanda The Panda with a Mistie gag. Shanda worked in a movie theatre and there was a silhouette illustration of her as an usher leaning into a row with a flashlight and addressing the MST3K silhouettes. Her line was to the effect of “Excuse me, but I’ve had complaints of talking.”


One of the Futurama movies had a product called Torgo’s Executive Powder, “Apply directly to the buttocks!”


IIRC, it was in Bender’s Big Score, but also appeared in other episodes.


There’s a Star Trek/MST3K Easter Egg. On Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, there is a listing of stores on the Promenade. Among them, as confirmed by Memory Alpha, one can find Tom Servo’s Used Robots.

They even took it a step further by making sure it was included in the Promenade Directory in Star Trek Online. I also got a kick out of “Spacely Sprockets” – maybe Tom Servo got to repair Rosie for the Jetsons.



In an episode of Arrested Development season 4 (varies if you watch the original cut or Fateful Consequences recut), Joel and the bots are watching a 90s version of Fantastic 4 with Tobias’s girlfriend DeBrie as the Invisible Girl


Oh trust me. I tried to find this scene in the Fateful Consequences cut, but then I gave up.

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Episode 5 “A Trial Run”. Should be within the first 5 or 6 minutes of the episode.