MST3K: The Movie in Spanish?

Hello everyone. I need some help. The first time I saw MST3K was actually in Latin American Spanish (not Spanish from Spain), and it was the movie. I saw it on DIRECTV at some point in the early 2000s. I don’t remember what channel, but that’s how I became a fan. And in recent years I’ve wanted to see that version in Spanish once again. I’ve done deep research into it, but I can’t seem to find any information about it. I don’t think there’s been an official DVD (or VHS) release with that language. I can’t find anyway to buy it, watch it, stream it, or download it (illegally) online. I’ve done Google Advance searches in different ways with no luck. I found some brief discussions about the film in Spanish in a few online forums from years ago, but that’s about it. So, I was wondering if any of you fans may know about anything on how to find it.

Thank you!


If you have cable/satellite, maybe check for an airing, and then check the SAP channel? TV Guide doesn’t show any airings in the next 14 days, no idea how often it airs on TV, if at all

Maybe it’s available on a Mexican or other Latin American streaming service? You may need a VPN to see what’s available in another country.

The Spanish title appears to be Misterio en el Espacio: La Película


Thanks, I don’t have cable anymore, but thanks, I’ll check TV GUIDE and I’ll figure out a way to DVR it if it airs.

If anyone else knows of another way, let me know!

Can you imagine how hard it would have been to dub what was essentially a movie on top of another movie? I know there’s a German dub too.

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It probably helped if there was already a dub of This Island Earth, then they’d just have to record the translated riffs over it.

I would think subtitles would be trickier, since you’d want to distinguish between dialogue in the original film from the riffs, using only text.

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Hard, but not impossible! I remember it was incredibly funny!

A lot of jokes in English translate well to Spanish


I’ve looked at all streaming services offering the movie. None of them have it in Spanish. But I found DirecTV lets you rent it or buy it, and the page doesn’t state which language it has.

Is there anyone here who is willing to rent it or buy it and use the SAP/language settings to see if it’s available? I would be eternally grateful!

I bought the version available on Amazon Prime recently. I just checked and its only language settings are English for both audio and subtitles. Sorry!


I bought it from the iTunes Store years ago and just checked—English audio and titles only.

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I’ve got the German dub, but I’ve never watched it.

I’m curious if Tom’s grammatically incorrect German gets changed when they arrive at Metaluna. Or if they use a different language altogether.

Thanks to everyone who checked! The only streaming site that doesn’t say the languages it includes is DirecTV (the link is a comment above).

This version has to exist somewhere!

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