MSTies in the Wild! We are everywhere!

Here is a story about how you should always wear MST3K merch and show off your love of riffing to help spread the word of #MakeMoreMST3K!

So, this is my car. As you can see, I’m sporting a RiffTrax bumper sticker, and well worn MST3K license plate frame, and the silhouette from ICWXP.

So I was driving down Colfax in Denver yesterday during my lunch. I pulled up to a stop light with my windows rolled down and the driver next to me calls out, “I just have one question.” I looked at him and he asked, “Joel or Mike?” I instantly said Mike because he is my fav.

I asked him if he knew about the new seasons on Netflix and he said yes. Then I asked if he was part of the recent Kickstarter and he said no. So I yelled, “Be sure to check out!!!” as he drove away.

So the lesson here is, always sport something that identifies you as a fan and you will find other MSTies. Keep spreading the word of #MakeMoreMST3K!!!


I remember travelling to Cincinnati for a concert, and we went to one of their museums, and I was wearing my Crow “You Know You Want Me Baby” T-shirt - the ticket seller was a fellow MSTie who thought that was cool, and he gave us a discount. (I think he asked if we were students, and we said no, and he went, but you have a Crow shirt, so you get a discount. lol)

I miss that shirt



folks residing in the west central quadrant of the state known as America’s Johnson may find that same license plate frame on my car :facepunch::beers:


(totally stealing the “America’s johnson” moniker for FL - thanks for the giggle)


Another soul saved. Keep spreading the good word, @deanadolphin!


I always wear my hoodie I got from the first kickstarter. Which is why I’m getting two from this one, my current is getting pretty threadbare. I also have a couple mst3k shirts I wear. I haven’t put any decals on my vehicles, but I really should get the silhouette for my truck. My jeep is always too dirty.


A guy I used to work with saw my MST3K tote from the last Kickstarter and asked me who my fav robot is, I said Tom, of course. I didn’t even know he was a fan… Then one of the chat rooms on Twitch, I found about 5 people who are fans…Pretty nice!


Very cool story. I will forgive the fact that your answer to, “Joel or Mike…” was wrong. Of course it’s Joel because… well… here we are. But, I love all Msties :kiss:


Wow, I want one. Never knew these existed. So cool.


I think there’s always something neat about meeting MSTies in the wild. That’s why I like to head out while wearing MST3K stuff. Maybe it’ll be a shirt I’ve had for some time or a baseball cap I got from one of the MST3K Live shows.

But when you find some random person out and about who likes MST3K and you strike up a conversation with that person? It’s just the best.

ALSO awesome is when someone unfamiliar with the show asks about your gear, and then you have the chance to talk up the show a bit in the hopes that you can introduce a new fan to the series.


I’m a waitress, and yesterday I saw a customer wearing a MST3K shirt at someone else’s table. I still had to walk over and tell him I loved it. He was pretty surprised I recognized it, because he said most people don’t. I would have liked to talk more, but he and his lady friend were trying to have a nice lunch. Always cool to see there are more of us out there, though!


I saw this in the Apple App Store for a truck driver logging app. Notice the driver names :smiley:



Not sure you can get them anymore, at least not in that style (which was seen on the episode). But yeah, it was cool, I wore it out but probably have it in storage somewhere. I also still have my old Mads T

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That’s awesome! :smiley: If only all establishments had some kind of MSTie discount…

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Months later this reminded me (thanks brain) if the time I wore a Green Bay Packers shirt on an airplane and the flight attended gave me a free drink :cheese: :cocktail:


I was wearing my Turkey Volume Guessing Man shirt in line at the grocery store, when the older gentleman in front of me noticed and said he used to stay up and watch the show all the time. He said, “They don’t make ‘em like that anymore,” so I got the pleasure of telling him that, yes, they still do!


Well they do make 'em dif’rent these days.


I was wearing a red GOT MST3K? badge pinned to my purse. The guy behind me in line at the grocery store said “Excuse Me? Yes. Yes, I got MST3K! I thought I was the only one!” We Hi Keeba’d and Watched Out For Snakes and ended up singing a Patrick Swayze Christmas together. Everyone within hearing distance was clueless.


Mom, how did you and dad meet?