MY GAMERA'S BACK AND YOU'RE GONNA BE IN TROUBLE: It's your OPEN THREAD for tonight's premiere of episode 1307: GAMERA VS JIGER

Didn’t matter in the slightest. Why gripe about getting MOAR MST3K?


A little behind on my watching…but WOW folks…this is hands down, riff for riff…one of the greatest MST episodes of any era. BRAVO.


My son and I finished watching this just a bit ago. This definitely has to be in at least the top 15 episodes of MST ever if not the top 10 and definitely the best episode of the Jonah era. They were absolutely on fire with the riffs and the songs were great too, especially the Irish funeral song for Jiger. Great work!


For those waiting, the Gamera vs Jiger episode is now available for download.

Don’t forget you need to go through the VHX site, and click “my videos” to get to the right screen to download the episode.