Phishing Scammers


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I remember visiting Cozumel around 2000, I took out $50 and it looked like I’d hit the jackpot in Vega$.

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Ages ago if they needed “fake” money to use in a film, it was cheaper to take a truck to Mexico and fill it with Pesos than to pay someone to print a bunch of prop bills.



[Message Came from Outside the Houston Police Department Mail System]

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Dr Adkincy Kimmal,Branch Manager QNB Finansbank, Sisli/Istanbul, Türkiye,I got you’re contact when searching for foreign partnering in your country.

I am really pleasing to get across to you for very urgently business proposal which I believe will benefited both of us after completion, kindly getting back to me soon as you have had receive this message for further detailings.

Awaited your responds.

Dr. Adkincy Kimmal

Yeah well I’m not really pleasing there Adkinky :roll_eyes:

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Good to know that the email came from outside the Houston PD email system, since neither Dr. Kimmal nor yourself are in Houston or cops.


The writing reminds me of this 80s commercial for Highland Appliance (a Michigan chain), when the submarine captain talks to the salesman.


Fidjuciary Agent

We are pleasing you to announce to you the draw of the WORLD ONLINE/MAGA MILLIONS /CASH4LIFE E-mail address balloting lottery
international program held this Month of Janrary 2024 your prize money is yet to be claimer and you are getting the
final NOTIFICATIONING as regards this.Please contact blow for more information regardling your prize money,
Claims Manager: Dr Pirzada Ma Ha.

I don’t want your pleasing Ma Ha :face_with_spiral_eyes:


[throws open the apartment door violently and flings myself inside]


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That’s right… Donald Trump is giving away all his money… TO YOU!

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I don’t know, this doesn’t sound 100% real to me…

Oops, I stand corrected!


Skyla Credit Union

Securing Your Account with Two-Factors Authentication (2FA)

Your account will be restricted on 2024-01-31, your security is our top priority and we highly recommend activating this featured for added layer of protectioners.

Find the attached QR CODE in this email.

How to Enable 2FA and Scan a QR Code :upside_down_face:

You will need to scam the attached QR code in this email with your phone camera. Don’t forget to tap the pop up link while scanning the QR code with you phone, Open the app, point your camera at the QR code on your screen and scan it.

The app will provide you unique link, Login to enable enabled 2FA for your account.

Enabling 2FA can help protect you account from unautorized access. It’s simple step that provides powerful security protection.

Stay securing!

Yeah not gonna even bother scanning your phishing qr code :roll_eyes:

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:notes: “Skylaaaaa, I don’t know if you have sent more spam
But your blather is just not my jaaaaam
So if you plan on sending more
Gonna’ punch ya’ in the storrrrre…”

Black Lives Matter Vintage GIF by Fleischer Studios

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Bit of a Freudian slip there.


Give them points for admitting in the email that it is a scam. I think that their honesty maybe deserves you to give them your login info to that specific credit union.

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polina Upchurch
4:50 AM (10 hours ago)
to me

Salutations, Kevin

Life is a tapestry filled with patterns for me. Even if it‘s sounds‘ rhythm or the night sky‘s stellar formations, I see congruence. During my digital realm, I utilize AI for reveal patterns, shaping our coming days. Tell me, which is your most intricate pattern you encountered observed? And, does your world ring with symphonies or chaos?

I don’t know if this even counts as phishing, I have no idea what she wants.

Does your world ring with symphonies or chaos?


I prefer Lords Of The New Polina Upchurch. Or was it Lords Of The Deep. I forget.


Posited: The whole thing is a setup to get you to write back “What’s Upchurch?” To which they’ll respond, “Our capital campaign, please give generously! :pray:


This thread really makes me wonder what y’all do with your emails. I have never once in my life gotten a scam or even spam email. How does this happen?

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Oh… You jinxed yourself!
Prepare to win the SPAM LOTTERY!!! :confetti_ball: :tada:

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(staring into the middle distance)

Once… long ago… I bought something online.