Photo Riffs

Ok, now kid… here we are! We’re at the beach!! Smell that salt air??
mom waves around dead fish

Becareful now son, it’s a hot one today!
dad dumps hot sand on kids feet

Boy, we’re gonna have some fun now! Let’s go swimming!
mom pours salt water on kids head

Kid looks at both his parents.
“This is pathetic. I’m going over to Timmy’s. Hes got a pool”
kid walks away while giving his parents the middle finger


Dad to son: hey Timmy here’s $800 go knock yourself out at the arcade or shopping or whatever you want for at least 3 hours don’t come back to the house. Mom is hot and I want to try and make another one of you…all afternoon.

Damn $800? I wanna be that kid!

I would’ve left for $20

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