season 14 invention exchange ideas?

Came up with one while driving. The ‘ThankScru’. Ever drive along the free way, and some nice person lets you in when the lanes merge? press this button to send them a very nice thumbs up in thank you. But, ever have the reverse, where a person is mean, nasty, tailgates (in this,crow and servo would demonstrate those behaviors)…? Well, press this button and…

The symbol pops up, but the host gets interupted before he can say what it’s called :slight_smile:


Yes, I am totally on board with this idea… classic Clay Forester! Down to the name even, I can hear Trace saying “ThankScru™” with relish.


Keeping in the spirit of Dr. F and TV’s Frank, I offer “The Painful Memory Game”. Just like the children’s game “Memory” but with a twist. Instead of cards with generic images like a house, balloon or flower this deck is personalized with the things in your life you’d like to forget but can’t no matter how hard you try.

“This deck was created just for Frank. Give it a try Frank.”
“I’ll turn over a card, and it’s Jane Jankowitz the girl who turned me down when asked her to go to prom.”
“Now just find the matching card Frank.”
“That’s my old dog, Fluffy. Wait, that’s from the day she was run over by a car!”
“Now try to find a match for either card.”
“I don’t think I want to play anymore”


this one is so good, it feels like it should have been done bby now :slight_smile:

This is a really good idea for a topic, but it’s hard to come up with my own invention exchanges!