Shooting Location Roadtrip

This post over in Introduce Yourselves Here:

and this YouTube Video:

have convinced me to finally go ahead and make the road trip to hunt down the shooting locations of one of my favorite cheesy movies ever, Alien Outlaw. I’ve spent a little time in that area but never had a chance to track down any of the spots shown in the movie. It’s only a couple of hours from here … it needs to happen.

Anyone else have location-hunting tales—good or bad—to tell?


Location hunting, not yet.

But I definitely recognize some parts of Atlantic Rim?

Most of what I’ve read implies that they didn’t film much east of Pensacola, but sure recognize some places (that no longer exist thanks to over-development and condo-commandos) that indicates that the film crew drove farther east on HWY98 than that?

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I’ve got friends in Navarre and had been planning to do some scouting around next time I went down that way … but then I ended up sitting around my house for 15 months for some reason or other.

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I drive this stretch of road periodically.

Funny thing is, the plot says they’re driving south from Wisconsin to Chicago, but in reality they’re filmed heading north on the road! And no, it’s not Illinois Route 47 as “Trooper Mount” radios in, but actually Route 12 (and Route 59 north of the overpass visible in some shots).


Yup. Understand completely.

When the world stops burning… when you make it down…

If looking for other film sites, besides MST3K related sites, somewhat nearby… (day trip) Eden State Park was where the movie “Frogs!” was filmed. A little farther East is Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park … movies were filmed there as well? Tarzan’s Secret Treasure and the Creature from the Black Lagoon? (They make good milk shakes there too?)

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