Show us your Bots!

I feel weird finally posting in this thread. LOL I’ve been hiding in the KS Rewards waiting thread. I should touch grass. Handle sticks. ANYWAY.

I have recently adopted my own set of bots. They’re rescues! (No, REALLY.) I’m in the process of figuring out what I need to fix/replace and of course, cleaning them up.

I’ve messaged Robot Bob in hopes of obtaining a new net for Crow, but in case that doesn’t work out, is there any hope of unwarping the old one with a heat gun? I’ve removed it for now so there’s no further damage.

I think I’ve got everything else figured out (another friend has helped me source the base and foam size, plus Crow is getting new hardware for his joints), but that net is tricky.

(Mods, if this is the wrong thread, you can move me.)

(Also I am kinda jealous of everyone’s GPCs of all sizes. She’s on my list! Along with Waverly and Growler and at least one working Cambot)


If the old Crow mask is resin, you might want to look at possibilities of buying the actual part- it’s the only thing that will give you any long term hassle-free goodness. The helmets are rare, but occasionally folks on the FB bot building site and others realize they’ve only been hoarding parts and aren’t actually going to do anything with them. Expect to pay up to 75 or so for a helmet, maybe even a very good condition mask. There are also websites that specialize in trading/selling old/used hockey equipment- you can find the occasional steal on there (less than 30 plus shipping)

You can find sets of the Floraliers on EBay, don’t pay more than 25/set. And the paint is currently available, in spite of idiots saying for years that it wouldn’t be and pearl-clutching over it… you’ll want a matte black and the Testor’s lime gold metal flake spray, a few cans on hand for each to touch up might be a good idea. Get a few flake red for Servo.

If you’re picky, Tom’s noggin needs replacing with a correct snack dispenser.

Good luck, and oh- you can always watch older eps for other ideas on Crow’s head/hair— remember that he had a few adventures :wink:


Has anyone taken the precise measurements required to 3D print full-size replicas of any of the hard to find parts?:thinking:



here are all the different crows i did from 2011 to today. i call this the “evolution of crow”


Well you basically ended up with a KTMA Crow


Love them all :+1:


“Working Cambot”

Leonardo Dicaprio Calvin Candie GIF by Giphy QA


No. :wink: No shots til I get my Gypsy 2 (the one most know and love, GPC’s mom :wink: ) and Cambot 2 finished… Sorting bits for Cambot 2 is pretty rough.


I’m at UK Ponycon this year and I never would have expected it but I found a screen accurate head for my Tom Servo!


Every Servo ended up like this after being dragged to that damn Mattel™ Movie. :wink:


It’s been a while! My Tom is doing his part trying to raise awareness for Season 14!


That’s an amazing use of your bot. Way to support the campaign!


I visited some MSTie friends over the weekend, so my Tom Servo got to hang with some of his brethren!

KTMA Servo was built by Ron McAdams (idk if he’s here–RAWN???), while Tom Servo Teen Reporter was built by @JohnPetty. Both are friends of mine! :smile: My Servo remains a mystery, but that’s okay cos it’s part of the science and the theater.


Hello! New to the forum here, glad to see there are still bot builders out there. I’ve built a Crow and a Servo, so here’s the million $ question: anyone have a line on a Gypsy car seat, original or repo’d?


Oh hai, @Mark_Dawidziak. Welcome to the forum! I have no car seats for you, but I am officially requesting pictures of your bots so I can live vicariously through yet another bot builder.


On the Bot Builders facebook group someone scanned the carseat for digital printing and he uploaded the files there. so there’s one option.