Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

Scrubbed to within an inch of its life. Drip pans have also been scrubbed and the burners have been carefully degreased. Holy Toledo.

Next, the sink.


I do not miss cleaning that type of stove, my current glass cooktop might not boil a pot of water quite as fast but it’s so much easier to clean.

Downside is you just have to get over the fact that it’s going to get scratched, if you use it a lot it will eventually become a mess of scratches.

If you use it once, you have to go at it with a belt sander and some special goo that’s $7 per bottle. At least with a metal stove, you can wipe it and call it clean, and your pots don’t dance around or get suctioned on.

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My glass cooktop is fourteen years old. Yes it’s beat up, but it still works great. I even went straight for the Cardinal Sin of using cast iron skillets. When I look at that range, I see our family’s story in every scratch and splatter.

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The special cleaners for ceramic cooktops are all ripoffs, just use a razor blade paint scraper and some non-abrasive cleaner and you can get even the most burnt on stuff off. I’ve never added scratches by cleaning, but using big heavy pots and pans there’s no way to avoid them. I also use the cooktop space for extra counter space, use the forman grill and my electric griddle on there, prep stuff for the oven on it, so it gets extra chances for scratches.

I guess if you really need your cooktop to look brand new all the time a ceramic one is not something to get.

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I found a full pack of menthol cigarettes in a coat I haven’t worn in a dog’s age.

No, I don’t know where the dog’s meat is, but I have a glass of mentholated product. One of these days I’ll find my Zippo yet again buried somewhere in the car.

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Well, I didn’t visit the IT cage to verify my credentials for Yubikey access offsite to the company VPN for the third week in a row.

However, I finally had the good idea to make photocopies, or careful indices, of key “shots” in pool to practice, primarily from 99 Critical Shots, Banking w The Beard, and several from Robt. Byrne’s books.

Just because it’s not very handy to be flipping through books at a table: a directed regimen.

When I can make all the shots I like using these (many) examples, without using a scuffer on the house cue, then I can consider buying a little Sneaky Pete, with a small case, and joining BCA league play, or at least some real games for real cash money. Don’t care about league play, Smokey, but being able to take down most people at random is enough for me.

I’ve faced the facts, but I have a plan, and those usually work.

Pencil, paper, a table, and a cuestick, baby.

And a plan.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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Wow. I really put in the effort!

I think it took a good three minutes to break out the beard trimmer and give it a once over. Well, even with a slim guard over the blade, it required multiple passes.

Even though I didn’t have the lumberjack beard, and it was pretty well trimmed, I’m just not a beard guy.

Yes, I’ve had many over the decades, but I think I’m going to stick with the very short beard for a while. Don’t know why, but just seems like something to do.

Not quite “scumbag stubble” at this length, but it is rather closely trimmed. And with my trusty safety razor equipped with Astra platinum double-edged blades, looks fine. Ain’t no neckbeard up in here.

All right, fine! I’m trying to inflame the desires of a younger woman at work! No, I’d never do anything to make her uncomfortable, but even though we get along and we each respect one another, I’m trying to ratchet up a little bit of sexy on my part, as far as grooming and all that.

And succeeding, if I do say so myself!

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Overcame my fear of in person interaction with other human beings and signed my kids up for swimming lessons. I guess I can’t really show that, but I did it, dang it.

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