Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

Probably. There was an alarming number of people who were excused for COVID policy non-compliance though, i.e., they should not have made it past the front door and into the courtroom. That part is broken and scary. The rest seemed fine. I don’t know which side rejected me though.

Rigged this to jack up a tired 100 year old floor. Half a turn per week. It’s a long game.


I drilled holes through hockey pucks today. Had to figure out how to use a drill press. I’m planning on lifting my Jeep soon and I need to add bumpstops to the rear suspension.


Managed to execute four waves of flex dispatch almost single-handedly, including making up little route-lets where there were none before. This is becoming a theme, lately: “let Johnny do it: he’ll do anything if it makes him a buck and lets him act all macho!”

But the real achievement was one of my bosses was wearing soccer shorts today and I managed to not stare openly. I see how she can move so quickly a bunch of heavy freight, though. Her quads are blasted! I don’t know if that’s from working out at a gym or just years of practice at work…she doesn’t really do too much physical labor at her current role, but she can and does when needed.

A good example of practical development of one’s musculature.


That is just… Wow. The Master as a T. Rex is not something I thought I needed to see, but my soul just got a little happier from that picture.


Settled in to spend havens knows how long searching for a birthday gift needed by next Monday…

…and found the perfect thing after 5min of searching.

I love it when a plan comes together.


Image has been uploaded to my work Teams instance, so that it can be used for Memes. :slight_smile:


Eureka! I finally came up with the perfect analogy for my chaotic life and my role in it. It’s like I got on a bus with a bunch of people and it started off down the road. After an hour or so the bus driver looked back, screamed incoherently, and threw themselves out the door. Seeing nobody else was going to steer, and we were heading for the cliffs I jumped in the drivers seat. Now every time the dang bus breaks down everyone stands around staring at me as if I have any idea what’s going on. :rofl:


I’ve recently been noticing my drunken idiot friend saying extremely loud, shouty things at a bar, while being a drunken idiot.

So, I guess I’m adequate in having told him to cancel that stuff, repeatedly, over the past few weeks, and wisely counseled him that this particular bar has a posted notice that there is no tolerance for slurs against any group. No, I’m not kidding: it’s literally a printed sign on the three entrance doors.

No, he is not a bigot, but he just somehow relishes being “outrageous,” which is, believe it or not, actually much more tiresome IRL than anywhere online.

I just tell him to switch to that language he spoke from birth as a young child from a Central American nation.

Meh…what’cha gonna do!

Perhaps to my credit, he actually obeys my commands suggestions. For I am the Beastmaster!


I said a Novena of St. Blaise today, in Spanish.

Do I speak Spanish? No, not really. A few words here and there to help with some communication at work when necessary. I think I can pronounce it pretty well, though.

Go me.


Oh yeah! I figured how to keep the laces on one (only one of the boots, weird!) of my favorite steel-toe boots from becoming untied.

Double-knot! Just like the kids do!

The Docs are some of my favorite steel-toes to wear, because of the wide toebox, even though they are pretty heavy and the leather doesn’t breathe at all.

Shazam shazbot!


Oh, yeah, baby!

Found my LED flashlight (wasn’t really missing, just misplaced), and I didn’t even need an auxiliary flashlight to find it.

Operation clean-out-junked-old-car for the junkers is getting there! And a high-lumen “tactical” flashlight is absolutely essential! I know there’s a Staedtler-Mars Technico lead holder somewhere in there…not a expensive technical pencils, and I have plenty of others, but I won’t rest until I’ve found it and whatever else is under one of the front seats! It is my white whale!


Finally got my virtual machine to access my workplace’s internal network from home.

Yeah, not normally very exciting to most people, but if I’m going to do stuff, on my own time, I’d rather not be at work, but on my own linux box.

Raj at the IT cage fixed me up right away by resetting my prefix-password to which is appended a string of characters generated by a yubikey hardware MFA.


Fixed our garage door recently. Went to open it and it came up about halfway then stopped violently. Turns out there’s a little plastic wheel above the door, with a groove in it, which keeps the chain aligned while it’s moving. The wheel is held in place with a single bolt, which apparently worked itself loose over time and fell out. Had to disconnect the chain to remove the wheel, but otherwise the whole ordeal cost me only a trip to the hardware store, $1 for a bolt and nut, and about 2 hours.

Working up close to those springs made me nervous, though.


I have begun the process of lifting my Jeep.


Nice. I miss working on cars. So many fond memories, back before computers, helping my uncle yank the engine out of his jeep and replace it with a bigger one.


I drove a 1973 Beetle for ten years, but moved on from that about eighteen years ago. This is the first serious wrenching I’ve done since then. Libertys are kinda the Bug of Jeeps. A few other former VW guys hang out in the Liberty forum.


And I’ve done six other articles over the period!


Putting the new bits on.


Front wheels back on the ground.