Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

I don’t know if this is much an accomplishment, given I just bought something and got it set up correctly, including replacing the metal wristband with a NATO strap, but I’ll count getting the time set correctly as an “accomplishment.” We fellas ain’t all that bright as a rule. Shuddup! It’s fine!

I also drunkenly put on two more coats of Meguiar’s 7 on my Ibanez archtop yesterday, and there are only some remnants of irregularities I need to buff out in a gentle circular motion. Yeah, I did the back and the front. Haven’t done the sides yet. I’ll do it when I feel like it, mom! Yeah, duh! Gah!

Also, I learned Ms. “Fake Ally Sheedy” of the drivelanes name is Kylie. Or Kaylie. Or something like that. Close enough!


Been meaning to replace the light switch in the attic with one of those outlet +switch combos. Finally got around to it today.

Open up the box and noticed the white wires were going to the old switch, now I have found a few places in this 80 year old house where the colors were reversed but had to check it since I was putting in an outlet. And I find out the colors were correct, the switch was on the neutral wire instead of the hot wire. So those lights in the attic always had one side live even if they were off…

That’s why you always turn off the breaker to replace a light socket, can’t count on the switch turning off the live wire.

Earlier this week I was talking to someone at work about watches, got me thinking about my dad’s citizen moon phase watch that he mangled with pliers when he forgot one of the crowns was decorative and was just there to make a button look pretty. It was kind of dirty and since over the last 4 years I’ve aquired all the tools needed to get it looking pretty again I took it all apart, polished off most of the scratches except for the deep ones, cleaned it in the ultrasonic cleaner and put it all back together.

Used that watch Friday but it has a white face and light colored hands so it’s kind of a pain to read. So back on the window sill it goes so it can stay powered up with some sunlight.


An Eco-Drive! Nice.

I dropped a piece of frozen pepperoni from a pizza going into the oven. And I didn’t eat it.

Mostly because I didn’t find it, but if I were to have found it, I said to myself in advance, “Now’s the time to be a better man! Thou shall not eat that floor meat!”

And I didn’t.

You’re welcome.


I’ve got 3 eco-drive watches now, took the batteries out of all my other watches so they don’t leak since I only use the eco-drive ones these days.

Picture of the watch I cleaned, I think my dad bought it in the mid 90s:

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She’s a beaut’, that one. Yeah, I can see the white hands/white face being a little difficult, but it’s a very attractive design, and the bracelet and bezel matches perfectly with the white/cream face.

Nice job cleaning it up: looks very handsome.

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Citizen was a big deal in the 90’s. Lots of tv commercials. Competing with Swatch, I reckon.

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I removed the outdoor Christmas lights from the roof’s edge by just getting hold of one end and pulling. Zoop done.


Yeah, Citizens (and Seikos) are still a big deal. Very good watches.

If I had more money, something like the ana-digi Citizen Skyhawk with Eco-Drive, and radio sync to an atomic clock (in addition to the slide rule bezel) would have been the way to go, with the Eco-drive, radio sync, and the multiple time zone/digital chronograph (as a backup) as very good features.

Very good watches, but I muddle through with lower-end Casios…lacking lots of nice features, but OK for a simple chronograph watch with slide rule, screw-on back, and screw-down crown (although I’m not sure what the screw crown is supposed to do, given the pushers and the slide rule bezel pusher for rotating the internal scale).

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I have a Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic. Only watches that last more than a year for me.

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I used to by lots of Casio LCD watches in the 80s and 90s, but the bands would always break after a couple years and they were always integrated into the body so you couldn’t replace them. Got tired of throwing away perfectly good watches just because the buckle end of the strap fell apart.


i painted a mask


My sister texted asking, “Where did you get those dino toys for the puppies? We need more!”

Apparently my doggy niece and nephew really, REALLY love the big dino toys I got them for Xmas. Problem is, they were a Black Friday / end of stock clearance buy at a local hardware store. But I am not one to let my favorite pups go without, so I found some! At a store in Cleveland! Two of each species (T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops) are being shipped to my sister’s as we speak.

Did I need to spend 25 minutes of my workday doing that? Nope, but I do not regret it. And I am accomplished!!

(And what’s that? Puppy tax, you say?? Okay!)


I have ended up here, through no fault of my own.

And all I can hear is Patton saying “Everyone we’ve ever served quickly goes down in a hail of bullets.”

Edit: Denny’s has significantly raised their prices, but not their game, thereby removing the only consolation available once you’ve entered their maw. This should move to the gripe thread.


Actual accomplishment: I’ve ganked the TV from the Zoomer’s endless Office marathon and replaced it with Newsradio.


I finished painting, and putting on the first coat of varnish to the minis from the Marvel United board game. Up next is the Enter the Spiderverse expansion (the blue minis to the side). I just got them washed and ready to prime. These were really fun to paint, I am used to painting fantasy minis, and these are chibi style superheroes. Much brighter color palettes, as well as plenty of room for detailed faces and eyes (when they aren’t wearing masks).


Your coffee will be served in less than 60 minutes!


Bought one of those overpriced LTT screwdrivers, and really like it, but the bit storage is designed for special short bits.

Since I’ve got loads of regular size bits, a lathe, and a rotary tool, I cut some down to size.

Cutting hardened steel with a grinding disk is always fun to watch so I took video of it, lovely sparks flying:


I just managed to get round trip tickets from the Midwest to Boston for Boston Marathon Weekend for $250. (On a vaguely reliable airline, natch.) One way is a non-stop, the other is a comfortable 1-stopper.

Considering it’s only 6 weeks until the Marathon, I did pretty dang good. (Now, if I could only work that magic on the hotels…)

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If I was uber-wealthy, had an interest in aviation, and wanted to set a pile of money on fire, I would start an airline and call it Vaguely Reliable Airlines. We’d suck, but we’d be honest.

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I claimed a free tea box for my monthly Verizon reward!
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