Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

Pretty niiiiice!

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That’s slightly better. Will have to make some adjustments, but good enough for now. And, no, I don’t really know what’s written on the whiteboard, either. Should probably clean that sometime and fill it up with fresh nonsense.

Also filed my Federal taxes this morning. Small refund…better than negative refund, anyway.


Paid off my car today, and was told that I’m in “really good shape” at my annual physical.

I suspect that this assessment is in comparison to the sick people they see all the time, so I’m not getting too excited. But! No car payment for a while.


Finally got my Army Surplus wool watch cap shrunk down a bit better. Could go a little smaller, but it’s OK for now.

Yes, the microwave is fine if you have all day.

Better way: clothes dryer, high heat, check every so often.

The real reason for the hat is not to keep my head warm…although that’s a bonus.

It’s so I can pace around my apartment yelling out “Mickey”/Burgess Meredith lines from the Rocky movies. In the appropriate headgear.

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Dishwasher has been acting up lately, not wanting to start, wouldn’t resume if I opened the door during the cycle to add something, sometimes I’d have to flip the circuit breaker to reset it so it would start.

Been looking at new ones for a few days, decided to give one more shot at fixing it again (I’ve had to fix several other issues over the last few years) so dismantled the door and pulled out all the electronics boards.

Found a textbook examples of a solder ring breaks, usually you need to look with a magnifying glass or at least 3X reading glasses to see ring breaks around pins but these were obvious from 2 feet away.

Re-flowed new solder on all the pins for that connector and did a test run and no problems, maybe I’ll get another year out of this old dishwasher…