Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

Pretty niiiiice!

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That’s slightly better. Will have to make some adjustments, but good enough for now. And, no, I don’t really know what’s written on the whiteboard, either. Should probably clean that sometime and fill it up with fresh nonsense.

Also filed my Federal taxes this morning. Small refund…better than negative refund, anyway.


Paid off my car today, and was told that I’m in “really good shape” at my annual physical.

I suspect that this assessment is in comparison to the sick people they see all the time, so I’m not getting too excited. But! No car payment for a while.


Finally got my Army Surplus wool watch cap shrunk down a bit better. Could go a little smaller, but it’s OK for now.

Yes, the microwave is fine if you have all day.

Better way: clothes dryer, high heat, check every so often.

The real reason for the hat is not to keep my head warm…although that’s a bonus.

It’s so I can pace around my apartment yelling out “Mickey”/Burgess Meredith lines from the Rocky movies. In the appropriate headgear.


Dishwasher has been acting up lately, not wanting to start, wouldn’t resume if I opened the door during the cycle to add something, sometimes I’d have to flip the circuit breaker to reset it so it would start.

Been looking at new ones for a few days, decided to give one more shot at fixing it again (I’ve had to fix several other issues over the last few years) so dismantled the door and pulled out all the electronics boards.

Found a textbook examples of a solder ring breaks, usually you need to look with a magnifying glass or at least 3X reading glasses to see ring breaks around pins but these were obvious from 2 feet away.

Re-flowed new solder on all the pins for that connector and did a test run and no problems, maybe I’ll get another year out of this old dishwasher…


Here’s one: I’ve been (half-donkeyedly) working my way through jazz guitarist Randy Vincent’s book Three Note Voicings and Beyond.

The first two chapters feature as an extended example various ways to “do” the bridge to the tune “Jordu.” I know I’ve played it before, maybe not a million times, but I know I knew how to play the tune (not on guitar), you know, the melody and the basic harmony.

It was bugging me to not remember the tune by name for a while, but didn’t worry about it since I was just chugging through basic ideas and worrying about how to mute the “silent string” and other guitar…sh…tuff.

Today after work, in the course of drinking 6.4 units of alcohol, I was able to recall the tune from memory while propping up Vincent’s book on the music stand near my desks at home.

Yes, it’s a simple hard bop tune, but it’s been weeks in the back of my mind going “how does that go again?”

And yet it came back to me!

Just call me Peg.

I also just had five days of abstinence from alcohol, which is not unusual for me, so maybe that had something to do with it. One day of drinking per week is about 86% compliance, which is a B+, so I’ll allow it. And 12.8 units of alcohol once a week is a reasonable 1.8 units quod diem.

So, I beat the system, and I beat the rap. And I did the arithmetic in my head, so it’s probably wrong but pretty damned close.

Another accomplishment? Being able to boast about the commonplace ability to expand integral fractions to decimal to as much precision as one cares to. It’s fun, and impresses people such as court-ordered compliance assessors or analysts when one can do it quickly.

Always got to keep them riveted!


Sat through a nearly two-hour dental cleaning (with periodontal measurements and examination by the dentist) while manfully holding in excess flatus that was desperate to escape loudly. I made it! (Don’t judge me! I had three large pieces of lasagna at like seven in the morning!)

And I didn’t accidentally call my new hygienist by the name of my last girlfriend, which is similar enough to confuse me.

The experience was strange, though. A long, meaty man pinned into a too-short chair, while a woman is at times approaching from above with all kinds of tools and cooing “OK, now go ahead and close for me!” “Can you turn your head toward me a little bit?” &c.

I’m sure there’s a…let’s say…a community of enthusiasts for that kind of scene, but it’s really not for me! I want to be wielding the tools, not being a mere cavity, pardon the pun, for their use! Except I can’t do what she does: she’s very good. And thorough.

/* OH, update ad

:[quote=“jimmy_two_times, post:941, topic:15254”]
Didn’t waste no time spending this year’s stipend of safety-toe shoes. First damned thing on 1-Jan! Arrived today.

Returned those uncomfortable hunks of whatever for a mo better pair. Been using them about a week.

They’re OK. They lace funny. But I don’t complain. Until about four hours in to a shift and my heels are barking. Pro-tip safety toe shoes that look like trail runners or sneakers really aren’t: they’re much more rigid, appearances be damned.*/

/** Quote fail == accomplishment fail, but whatever. I’m not going to drag and drop. Bah, it’s fine. **/


I have managed to find and call to IT’s attention another glitch in our paperless invoice system, a potentially serious one that might be overriding previous information.

I have to date discovered 11 glitches, including the last 3 major problems with the system. I am proud of this.

I’m not sure IT appreciates it, though. :laughing:

(I kid. They do. It’s a custom system built from the ground up, so we knew there were going to be problems to find and ironed out. I am particularly adept at finding them because when something doesn’t look right, I don’t click by it, I start digging. Too much exposure to Sherlock Holmes, I guess.)


Spent about two hours fiddling around how to spend these $5 walmart “eGift” cards (I “play” Microsoft Rewards points, and at the time, they didn’t have any ammyzon GCs to redeem as rewards…so I had about thirty five of these cards, which are next to useless online, since one can only pay with a maximum of five cards at once, free shipping only over $35).

Could have just applied them as discounts for purchases over $35, reducing my out-of-pocket. Instead I just bought a bunch of small things, after paying for a month of Walmart+ at $12.95, free shipping at any price purchase. Yeah, I know, terrible for the environment, whatever.

What I’m getting at is that I will soon be able to attack with extreme prejudice my gnarly toenails.

Very much so.


I filled out an expense report for a business trip to Phoenix.


Velcro! Nice and firm! Just the kind of sugar I like.

BTW the Behringer EQ pedal is a total volume and tone suck. It doesn’t belong anywhere at any time. But I can barely play, so it’s perfect in an “off” position.

Although my guitar has held its tuning spot-on for several weeks. I guess the set of 0.014 flatwounds have settled in, and apparently the stock low-end Ibanez tuners are just fine.

/* edit: actually, one of the best things I’ve done recently, this whole velcro thing. I do tidy up my desks at home every once every year or two or so, but this is better. Because it stays tidy!

I’ve come dangerously close to repeating my last idiotic computer move, knocking my main notebook computer onto the floor (notebook is always at an angle, with part of it free-floating off the edge, which destroyed the power input.

Velcro it to the desk!

Old Roland USB soundcard, featherweight, small, but useful? Velcro it to the desk! Little USB hubs that are in constant use but just floating around under other stuff? Velcro them!

New idea? Tired of that pitcher of water always threatening to tip over? Velcro!

Those are all serious ideas, implemented by me, except not (yet) the water pitcher, and I won’t go on with humorous ideas.

AND NOW I have in my proud possession a thing of double-sided tape!

The possibilities are very much without end, and I’m delighted, to quote the great George Takei or maybe Lt. Sulu.

This is a world of high adventure. */


I got CBD gummies that weren’t from a dispensary. Thanks, Sprouts!
Abide The Dude GIF


Meguiar’s #7 Mirror Glaze (automotive product called “professional show car glaze”) applied to front face of Ibanez AF55 (sort of a poor man’s Gibson L5, I guess).

Will give it another application possibly after trying the back of the guitar to see how much she can take, you know, of the wood polishing motion.

/* edit: yes, I know it’s a satin finish and one isn’t traditionally supposed to polish these, at least not deeply. However, I find nothing objectionable in the wood grain — nothing to hide — and see no harm in basically retro-polishing this one to as much gloss as she will take.

Next steps? Add pickguard, replace the plastic nut with a bone nut, and the tuneomatic bridge with an ebony (wooden) bridge. */


Bravo! Nice restoration, I’m sure she’ll sing beautifully, but you forgot to add the Velcro to her. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not sure if this really is an accomplishment, but it kind of feels like it.

blurred for kiddos and bathrooms if you care to avoid

Apparently I have graduated to the “take the 3 year old to the bathroom and hover him over the too-big-for-him public toilet while he uses it” level of auntie.

I mean, I’m flattered, I think? :joy:


Congrats! It takes good triceps to do that!


I successfully delivered a urine sample while under observation! No mean feat for a borderine paruretic!

One must consume exactly the right amount of liquids to compel micturition, without delivering a dilute sample.

And all without the aid of Diurex Max “water pills”! I did have three mg of alprazolam, which is sometimes used to treat paruresis, but that just made me tired. Which I should be, given that I have one hour and twenty six minutes until sleep time. That they kept me waiting 45 minutes was a bonus.

And never discount the advantages of cinching one’s belt to maximum pressure. Forgot your girdle or “shaping garment”? No matter! Tighten up that belt, cats and kittens!

From one who knows!


Such an honor!


Finally fixed one of these leather belts…I needed a little screw thingie, so naturally, I had to buy a pack of like twenty.

But, dammit! It seems to work!

It’s not a bad belt, and I have another just like it…this one is way warped out of shape, but heck with it, at least it functions again.


Yeah? I mean, it’s family, so I guess. It just sorta seems like an unwise encouragement. Like, say the child grows up to be stupid rich like Melon Husk, that’s gonna be somebody’s job.