Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

Starring Baron “Xennial Servo” Vaughn!


There’s also a Fugelsang>TV’s Frank connection there somewhere.


Hey hey hey!


My most recently completed collage got 10 likes on Deviant Art! Yes, I reached double digits in only about 9.5 years!



Took me a couple hours and some rearranging…and rewiring…and two trips to the hardware store…and reworking the closet doors…but we have a new washer/dryer installed and working!


I think that I’m married to your sister LOL

(Mrs. Lowell handles most things mechanical mostly so that we don’t die)


Hmmm…this is a really dubious “accomplishment,” but I wheedled my way out of being labor-shared to a different department at work today.

Which normally I’d have no shame about, but I didn’t realize that my pal Jen, who has like a fused vertebrae or something equally bad, was also on the list…and she didn’t complain (out loud). Pretty sure she’s come up with some very bad nicknames for me today, which I can’t repeat here. She shot me a look that pretty much expressed utter disgust at me, and can’t blame her.

It was an accomplishment…but it was bad deed and I’m slightly ashamed.


Peacock for $19.99 a year?

Kristen Bell Omg GIF by The Good Place


Well, I trimmed my fingernails to within an inch of their natural-born life! Good stuff. I have a sweet pair of nail trimmers I like, and once I put this LED reading light in the right spot, it’s no trick at all. Takes a minute at most for satisfactory results.

We’re not going to talk about Judy toenails. We’re not going to talk about them at all! Work in progress. I should probably have them removed surgically, but I don’t think insurance covers that, and probably home-removal is not…not…not…we’re not…that’s no.

But, another accomplishment, I was able to give a bit of avuncular advice to this younger sister of a gal at work: “You know, you don’t have to bring those carts out to late drivers parked in the hinterlands of shame!” She: “Well, they asked.” “OK, fair enough: it’s up to you!”

Meh, I try to make clear to everyone that we can say “no” to absurd tasks that are officially not-our-problem, but I guess…well…to each their own.

/* Almost forgot: one of my gals who drives for The Company taught me a new ASL “sign” today! Now I can say “You’re a dingus-head: fun off, creep!” in ASL!

It’s very effective and even I can remember it! I don’t actually know if there’s a difference in ASL between weenie-head and, let’s say, another more direct term. Meh, it’s about the same, I’d guess.

No, I actually only know a few basic insults in ASL, but, hey! That’s all I need! For now! */


From the Department of Over-engineering, I got tired of my shed door blowing closed in the wind, so I built a 4x2x2 planter next to it, and filled it with about 23 cubic feet of pea gravel and dirt today (mostly dirt). I spent less than $5 for the new hook and eye latch on my shed door, and about $250 for the planter and associated materials to connect the eye bolt to. Problem solved!

ETA: my neighbor donated 2 tomato plants to the project, so bonus points there.