Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

Starring Baron “Xennial Servo” Vaughn!


There’s also a Fugelsang>TV’s Frank connection there somewhere.


Hey hey hey!


My most recently completed collage got 10 likes on Deviant Art! Yes, I reached double digits in only about 9.5 years!



Took me a couple hours and some rearranging…and rewiring…and two trips to the hardware store…and reworking the closet doors…but we have a new washer/dryer installed and working!


I think that I’m married to your sister LOL

(Mrs. Lowell handles most things mechanical mostly so that we don’t die)


Hmmm…this is a really dubious “accomplishment,” but I wheedled my way out of being labor-shared to a different department at work today.

Which normally I’d have no shame about, but I didn’t realize that my pal Jen, who has like a fused vertebrae or something equally bad, was also on the list…and she didn’t complain (out loud). Pretty sure she’s come up with some very bad nicknames for me today, which I can’t repeat here. She shot me a look that pretty much expressed utter disgust at me, and can’t blame her.

It was an accomplishment…but it was bad deed and I’m slightly ashamed.


Peacock for $19.99 a year?

Kristen Bell Omg GIF by The Good Place


Well, I trimmed my fingernails to within an inch of their natural-born life! Good stuff. I have a sweet pair of nail trimmers I like, and once I put this LED reading light in the right spot, it’s no trick at all. Takes a minute at most for satisfactory results.

We’re not going to talk about Judy toenails. We’re not going to talk about them at all! Work in progress. I should probably have them removed surgically, but I don’t think insurance covers that, and probably home-removal is not…not…not…we’re not…that’s no.

But, another accomplishment, I was able to give a bit of avuncular advice to this younger sister of a gal at work: “You know, you don’t have to bring those carts out to late drivers parked in the hinterlands of shame!” She: “Well, they asked.” “OK, fair enough: it’s up to you!”

Meh, I try to make clear to everyone that we can say “no” to absurd tasks that are officially not-our-problem, but I guess…well…to each their own.

/* Almost forgot: one of my gals who drives for The Company taught me a new ASL “sign” today! Now I can say “You’re a dingus-head: fun off, creep!” in ASL!

It’s very effective and even I can remember it! I don’t actually know if there’s a difference in ASL between weenie-head and, let’s say, another more direct term. Meh, it’s about the same, I’d guess.

No, I actually only know a few basic insults in ASL, but, hey! That’s all I need! For now! */


From the Department of Over-engineering, I got tired of my shed door blowing closed in the wind, so I built a 4x2x2 planter next to it, and filled it with about 23 cubic feet of pea gravel and dirt today (mostly dirt). I spent less than $5 for the new hook and eye latch on my shed door, and about $250 for the planter and associated materials to connect the eye bolt to. Problem solved!

ETA: my neighbor donated 2 tomato plants to the project, so bonus points there.


My second part of my Family Guy article miniseries got more views in a few hours than the first part does to date. Believe it’s 150% over it right now


Oven coil replaced, thumb in the eye of throwaway consumer culture, GE’s quarterly numbers can bite me.


I have replaced both the coil, and the controller board on my oven. Now the button covers on the control panel are wearing through. I might need to finally replace the whole thing here soon.


Any of you handy folks wanna fix the electronics on my dishwasher? 'Cause it’s about three days away from ending up on the griping thread!


First draft of my latest Stargate Atlantis novel is finished! W00T! Now for editing. (which I actually enjoy doing)


Probably needs a new brain.


Well, it’s kind of a negative accomplishment, but I think it’s positive in that I know (no, I don’t know exactly, I just know it has to be fixed!) my front room arrangement has to be changed severely to accomodate a new double-tiered Hammond organ (clone) stand (Hammond XK-1 on top, a 61-key controller on bottom, and the EH Lester-K Leslie effect pedal and footpedals be in their own section, but sharing the same sound mixer/speakers as the rest) and let the digital piano be on its own.

I’d be welcome to any suggestions. And no, “light a match and walk away” is not constructive! It’s not that bad, I just let things go for a few up in front, since I hardly ever spend time in their except at the keyboard.

Evidence? Of course!


Just tell everyone Keith Moon is staying with you.

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But, tcheh, but, I, meh, I tidy it up for the special girl…once she makes it past the initiation phase. (They always do, but so much complaining! Enough with the cobwebs already! They’re cute! Makes the place look heimlich! And the various mousetraps demonstrate my committment to ecological responsibility! Oh, I’m sorry honey…I meant to say…there are…how fond of you are loose thumbtacks in the carpet, anyway? Here’s some giant clown shoes you can borrow…just careful now!)

Just be glad I didn’t put photos of my bedroom/bathroom/kitchen/office! (Yes, those are separate places, not just an “all-in-one” gumbo).

No, it’s just superficial tidying up, but I’m curious where to place the Hammond “clonewheel.”

The “coffee table” already has the Cisco routers and switches that have no real purpose…but it also holds books and papers, so that clearly cannot go…that table has to hold things, like stuff!

Hmmm…hmmmm…mmmmm…grrrr…something has to be moved somewhere to somewhere…mmmm…grrrrr…mmmm…grrr.

That is the accomplishment, BTW…it’s the first stage of planning ahead.


I have an actual accomplishment.

Yesterday about mid-afternoon, at this bar across from a city block that has a major building going up, a bunch of construction workers come in, you know, as one does when one is done for the day.

I was a bit in my cups at that time, so I decided to unblock this Costa Rican friend of mine who’s been going through a tough time and give him a ring to see if he was still alive or in the hospital or got evicted or whatever.

No answer, but I was able to leave him a message consisting of my entire repertoire of insults in the Spanish language. In a friendly way…that’s kind of how we roll.

Apparently I did something right, because that turned about everyone’s head in my direction, I guess to see if someone was talking on the phone or if a fight was about to break out.

Mirabile visu, a sea of blaze-orange Carhartt sort of went silent for a minute and then quickly went back to regular chit-chat, a mix of Spanish, English, Spanglish just BS-ing about work and gossip and all that. It was my day off, so I just had on civilian clothes, you know.

So, I applaud myself for, a non-Spanish speaker, being able to be apparently convincing enough when stringing together incredibly vile insults to be understood.

No, I won’t be repeating what I said here, not that I can remember exactly. The classics, you know, just street Spanish. Beautiful language, but not the words I know!