SOLVED: Future War livestream replay missing

I was watching the replay for this event earlier and had to leave and come back to it later. But I can’t find it with my Gizmoplex Member Pass and it looks like the video’s even been taken down from the standalone listing.

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Just noticed that too.

Me too! I missed it yesterday and was looking forward to watching it tonight. :frowning:

I found it by first browsing to the Manos replay. It showed me Future War as “Up Next”.


Chiming in to say I am missing it too. I had inter trouble the night it aired so only got to see about 1/3 of it. Was hoping to watch the replay this weekend.

I’m missing the Hobgoblins replay.

Edit: It’s there now!

Thanks for this tip @linkdupont !

Looks like a glitch in the Gizmoplex. I’m sure Synthia and Mega-Synthia will have it fixed soon. :joy:

Thanks. I thought I was going crazy.

I’m trying to play this right now and it’s not working. Anyone else having this issue?

Looks like @Ivan is on top of it, should be fixed shortly



Is it working now, folks?


Yes. It wasn’t there when I looked earlier today, but it’s back now. And the app remembers where I left off.


Yes, thanks for fixing it! :pray:

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