Stranger Things - Well, not totally unrelated...

(As one of the show’s EPs and directors is Shawn “cold spaghetti” Levy from Zombie Nightmare - also Joel and the bots riffed the first few minutes of the first season for an S11 promo)

Seriously, they’ve knocked it out of the park in this season.


They have gone full old-school-horror this season (as they warned they were going to), and I am here for it.

And somehow, they manage to add new characters every season that I friggin’ adore. How do they do that?


I have, sadly, allowed my brother to allow his Netflix subscription to be canceled. :stuck_out_tongue: I am halfway through the second episode. I’ll see it all eventually. :face_exhaling:

And the brother of the skateboarder kid (I haven’t really kept up with the show) was pretty much that same archetype, just not with any actual pasta-throwing that I remember.

Haven’t actually started the new season yet. Had a couple of other things to get through first. But it is next up for my viewing, and since the rest of the season drops in about 10 days, it works out as good timing as opposed to all those people who binged it all that first weekend and have had to wait over a month for the rest.

About that skateboarder kid:

She is the reason why Kate Bush is charting so much at the moment. Seriously, that episode (which Levy directed) is a masterpiece in building tension.

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I see @OneBradyLady is a fan! Nice cosplays!

I look forward to when Dustin discovers MST3k, you know he is absolutely a MST-to-be. Maybe if the last season is set in 88-89…

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It got five Creative Arts Emmys last night, including Prosthetics and Music Supervision.