Streaming from the App

Is it possible to stream from the app? I am not seeing any way to do so. If not, will the feature be implemented at a later date?

By streaming, do you mean casting to another device? Or do you mean watching the live stream from the Twitch channel?

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I want to cast from my phone to my TV via Chrome cast.

I figured it out. I have to tap on the clip to select the cast icon. I was expecting the icon to be available once the app started.

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Sorry for not getting back sooner, slammed at work. Glad you got it to work!

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All i have is a share button and alot if options but no direct streaming option. Im using Android app, any help please?

At first I didn’t have the cast icon. I tried going through my phone and TV settings. Nothing.
Then I tried unplugging my TV and plugging it back in and presto! Logically, it makes little sense, but it worked.

The share button could be dependent upon having devices you can share to on your network. Double check you are connected to the network, and your devices are. If that’s fine, try restarting your phone.

I had a VERY Difficult time streaming last night’s premier. I couldn’t airplay from the iPhone app to my Samsung smart tv. I couldn’t airplay from safari, chrome or Microsoft edge to my smart tv. The on-board web browser for my smart tv couldn’t handle things during the technical issues. My PlayStation4 browser couldn’t handle it either.

I wound up digging out a HDMI cable during the white dot appearance and hardwiring my laptop into the tv. The gizmoplex site worked fine from there, but I couldn’t make my cursor disappear, which I’m sure is a setting I could fiddle with on my laptop. But I didn’t have time.

So, as a first effort goes, I wish that having mentioned this issue before with the MST shout factory live channel doing the same thing the app did could have been addressed- otherwise, once the stream hit a stride, it all went off without a hitch.