Tell me the good part only, please.

There’s good news! Well, somewhere, at any particular point in time, there is. I could use some cheering up. Everyone else could use some at some point as well. This thread is for feel-good newsworthy stories. It’s different from personal non-gripes. Things that are good in the world at large. Restore some faith in humanity or show a cute animal species thriving. Whatever.

I’ll start:

Elderly Woman’s Dream of Petting a Penguin is Fulfilled for Christmas–it Brings Her to Tears


Shower cat


I loved this story about a man who adopts elderly dogs (and the occasional pig). Gift link so no paywall.


There was a nice little story in the local paper about one of our art house theaters and NBC national news picked it up and did a great job


Well, this is definitely not all good parts, but it’s at least a hopeful article that points out that we may not be as doomed as we think, and many things are in fact much better than in the past. For me, that’s good enough for good news!


Here is an absolutely ADORABLE story about Tetris. Read the intro to understand what’s going on, but the upshot is: a lot of old video games, if you get far enough into them, reach a point where the game code fails. People have been trying to reach this “kill screen” in Tetris for decades, and recently a 13 year old boy became the first person to actually do it:

Definitely check out the video; if you’re pressed for time, jump to the 10 minute mark to see the breakthrough. :purple_heart:


Sir My Cocaine is pulling a Gene Hackman. More power to him.