The Cyclops (1957)

Starring Lon Chaney Jr and Gloria Talbott (among others) “The Cyclops” is effectively a sequel to “The Amazing Colossal Beast” as it unimaginatively features a 25-foot tall man played by the same guy who played “Glen Manning” in “The Amazing Colossal Beast.” It’s super cheesy and is infinitely riffable. My wife and I just finished watching/riffing it and I just felt it only made sense for MST3k to finish the unofficial trilogy.

So long and watch out for giant feet.


Thanks for the tip! This really has all the elements you’d expect in the movie, all executed as boringly as possible. That said, Lon Chaney does a great job.

When the plane first showed up, I was half hoping that Coleman Francis might put in an appearance too.

I would love to hear what a good riff team would do to the character from Texas who thinks he’s funny. He’s asking for it.

And it all ends up at… Bronson Caverns.

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Somewhat surprised I haven’t been able to find this one. Seemed as elusive as The Boy and the Pirates, let alone Robert Denby.

I do wonder if this gave Bert a general idea on just how big to make his giants. Glenn was 60 ft tall, and this Cyclops is 25…so he probably tried to figure which would work best for his giant teens in Village of the Giants based on these size differences (though I do feel showing someone as 60 ft tall next to a normal sized person is really difficult on film because they’d be like 6 inches tall to a normal sized person!).