The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs

I’ve brought up Joe Bob quite a bit here because I’m a fan and for me, JB’s “Drive-In Theater” was part-and-parcel of the cheesy movie experiences of my youth, right alongside of MST3K (and actually predating it by a year or two).

Darcy the Mail Girl has been collecting his old segments for a Patreon called “The Lost Drive In”, the latest entry of which is JB hosting a Vivian Schilling interview/double-feature “Future Shock” and “Soultaker”, known best in MSTie-land as Season 10, Episode 1!

Moviegique says “Check it out!”

In my junior high/high school days, there were three movie-based shows I loved the hell out of. The all-time favorite is obviously MST3K, but I also liked watching USA Up All Night with Rhonda Shear & Gilbert Gottfried as well as MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs.

As you can imagine, I was beyond ecstatic to learn of Shudder bringing Joe Bob back to do what he does best with The Last Drive-In, and he keeps righteous company with Darcy the Mail Girl. Whether we’re talking full seasons or holiday-based specials, The Last Drive-In feels like a real treat, and I never felt disappointed by an installment. Terrific movies all across the horror spectrum, and wonderful “film break” host segments with entertaining observations about the movie segment you just watched, neat trivia, and sometimes, some nifty interviews with guest stars. Fun comedy bits, too!

Believe me, Shudder is a tremendous value in and of itself, but it would be worth checking out for past episodes of The Last Drive-In alone.

And I’m gonna have to get in on that Patreon action that @moviegique mentioned!


There are two tiers: One which is pretty low-cost and then one mega-tier, which is pricey but also gets you a bunch of gear over time.

I’ve been super-impressed with how hard Darcy works on all the social media stuff.

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Oh, for real.

Darcy’s been an absolute driving force for the whole enterprise, and it’s something exhilarating to witness. More power to her for all that she does.


I credit Joe Bob’s MonsterVision for making me fall in love with cheesy movies in the first place, and it’s why I’m a fan of MST3K today. I’m glad he’s back (again) with a new series, and I agree that Darcy is amazing!

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I’d love to see some of the Friday drive in triple feature stuff he did when TMC had their Weekend Multiplex for a few years when they introduced the scary eye logo. It’s not on Youtube anymore but there’s a video of him introducing a triple feature of Pink Chiquitas with (you guessed it) Frank Stallone, Dogs in Space and Knightriders and I’ve seen one for the final 89 episode where he hosts Rejuvanatrix, Maniac Cop and Terminal Entry which is basically an R rated violent Wargames ripoff with the late Yaphet Kotto.

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The way Darcy is digging up these old gems, I have no doubt we’ll get to those.

I confess I didn’t guess “Frank Stallone”. I never do.

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Frank is no Joe Estevez.

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