The Majestic Music Appreciation Thread

Do it. Then I’ll share the amazing 18-minute remix of Donna Summer’s MacArthur Park and neither of us will be allowed to show our faces here for six months.

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Discovered this citypop Beatles cover thanks to Sirius’ Beatles station…

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Yeah, so it turns out my middle nephew is actually thriving not just learning drums from some dude in a studio, but, you know, reading (drum) notation and all that. Working the hi-hat and bass pedals, and, I assume, using good technique.

I don’t have much in the way to offer him, since I can’t work a trap drums to save my life, but I do know everybody like Mike Clark, Steve Gadd, and all that.

If it’s just an audio recording, obviously, I can dupe it off a CD/LP, but I like little things like this where somebody breaks it down. (I think Mike Clark might have been a bit drunk when he made this, but it’s still a good approximation…yes, I know the tune and can do the bass in LH and the melody/harmony on Rhodes/ap…but I can’t do the trap drums like that!)

There’s some other good ones, like Richard Tee on ac. p with Steve Gadd on drums demonstrating things. Or, for that matter, the whole of Last Waltz, looking at Levon, but I’m not sure that’s the technique a young acolyte would want.

Yeah, whatever.

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Behold a Weather Channel storm alert tune that sounds like jrpg battle music.

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Ron Carter on bass, RF on vx and ap. Ray Lucas lays it down on the trap drums. Flawless.

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Because it’s almost that time of year again…


Here’s my favorite cover of that…


I was just thinking about this tune when briefly chatting (onlinedly) with someone who was having troubles feeling isolated after a DUII/DUI/DWI socially.

This is a great song that I’ve always identified with: without the structure of work, whatever it may be, it just keeps me from going astray. Or it helps, anyway!

And praise be to George Jones. When it comes to drinking, and especially singing, he knows what the tune is.

Oh, and pro-tip, no matter how drunk you are or how “ironic” it might be…somehow I’ve never had a bartender thank me for playing this tune on the jeep-box. At most a moment of silent reverence. Hits pretty close to home for them, and, really, for about everybody.

/* ETA … what was the drummer’s problem there? Srsly? A full kit flourish including toms finish at the very end? IMHO that was in bad taste. Then again, I wasn’t there to “read” the audience as one sometimes can from under the bright lights. Oh well, it’s still a great tune sung by a great singer. I suspect the guitarist had to substitute last-minute doing hammer-ons instead of using the slide probably due to an equipment SNAFU…I can’t fully endorse this performance, but you get the idea! */

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That is all.

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Kind of a cute little tutorial on Herbie’s tune “Actual Proof.” I thought I was above watching piano tutorials, but he does get this one right and adds a few things that I either forgot about or never featured myself (yes, I’ve transcribed the tune accurately to paper a long time ago, but haven’t really played it or thought about it in quite a long time).

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I don’t think any idol songs from the Splatoon series will ever make me feel down.

Squid Sisters:

Off the Hook:

Deep Cut:


The music in Splatoon is simply fantastic. I just bought Splat 3 and I’m looking forward to hearing the new tunes


In honor of Sherlock Hound’s blu-ray release a couple months from now I give you the original English dub theme.


As of yesterday for my birthday, I got more classical music arrangements from the same show for you guys to listen.

  1. You Gotta Quintet Theme (Instrumental Version)* (see reply above for composer)
  2. William Tell Overture* by Gioachino Rossini
  3. Farandole from “L’Arlésienne”* by Georges Bizet
  4. Je te veux* by Erik Satie
  5. Waltz: No. 15 in A-flat major by Johannes Brahms
  6. Italian Concerto, 3rd Movement* by Johann Sebastian Bach
  7. Gavotte* by François-Joseph Gossec
  8. The Golden Wedding* by Jean Gabriel-Marie
  9. Light Cavalry Overture* by Franz von Suppé
  10. Sonata Pathétique (Adagio cantabile) by Ludwig van Beethoven
  11. The Syncopated Clock* by Leroy Anderson
  12. Romance* (Spanish folk song) (Although the show mentioned that Narciso Yepes composed it, it’s false. He arranged it instead.)
  13. Turkish March* by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  14. Grande valse brillante by Frédéric Chopin
  15. Zigeunerweisen* by Pablo de Sarasate
  16. The Nutcracker (Miniature Overture, March of the Toy Soldiers, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and Trepak)* by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  17. Má vlast (The Moldau)* by Bedřich Smetana
  18. Symphony No. 9: From the New World (Largo)* by Antonín Dvořák

More to add in the near future.


And now for an interesting bit of east meets west blues…