TURKEY DAY TOURNAMENT 2021: Battle 1! Lost Continent vs Magic Voyage of Sinbad

This is awesome! I was just wondering, can you change a vote or not? I feel like my fat thumb hit the wrong button unfortunately.

Which did you want to vote for?

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You can’t change your vote, alas, but you can potentially vote again from another browser or an incognito window… (she said reluctantly, hoping people don’t try to stuff the ballot box :sweat_smile:).


I will sell my vote for a hamdinger! (This round only.)

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The fact that voting has begun really makes it hit home: the holidays are coming. Wowza!

”Jim Dandy to the rescue! Jim Daaaandy to the rescuuuue!”


It’s a close one, so far.


Thank you Lesley! I believe in the honor system. I’d only use this nuclear option to correct my error. You’re the best! :heart:


Lets look at the tale of the tape (the boxing term, not the Billy Squire album)

There are no newbies here to influence my vote - both are 2 time T.D. episodes (Lost Continent in 1992 and 2014 - Sinbad in 1993 and 2014).

Sinbad, known as Sadko, is the better, unriffed movie.

Continent bested Sinbad in the Bring Back MT3K Top 100 Fan Poll (#56 to #70) - the poll was used to determine what would be shown for T.D. 2016

Continent has rock climbing, Sid Melton, Hugh Beaumont, and Caesar Romero

Sinbad has fish made of gold, a grumpy bluebird of happiness, and was directed by Aleksandr Ptushko

Continent has a Hexfield visit by Mike as Beaumont, but Sinbad has the Rat Pack chess set and Chinder-wear

Using the chuckle-meter - I find that for me, Sinbad has more laughs per minute.

Winner: Sinbad by an itch, I mean ‘inch’.


Tryptophan is unfairly blamed. The real culprits regarding Thanksgiving comas are the massive quantities of carbs and alcohol.

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Great! Maybe mst3k should have a little robot gremlin. A cross between springy and the nanobots …

I love the pseudo-Russo-Finnish movies they did. I think they’re so much fun to watch and the riffing is excellent.


Sinbad is an high-ranking favorite of mine. I mostly picked Continent because I can’t remember seeing it for Turkey Day before.


The Russo-Finnish episodes are my favorite episodes of the series!

I have three of them in my top ten episode roundup (with The Sword and the Dragon not too much further down), with Jack Frost being my all-time fave.

To have any of those episodes in the Turkey Day Marathon is something wonderful!

When they had Lost Continent in one of these latter-day online Turkey Day Marathons, I thought it was something spectacular, because I don’t think anyone predicted that.

And I love it when folks get to really enjoy a lesser-championed episode for Turkey Day.


Interesting that both of these episodes were featured in the 2014 Turkey Day marathon


Last year, I heard that Magic Voyage of Sinbad 's recent Turkey Day appearance was back in 2014. When I watched the first host segment, here’s what I heard from Joel:

“You’ll notice in the original Russian version, the title character was originally called Sadko. However, US producers decided to change his name to Sinbad, because Sadko made the title character sound like he was some sort of… seafaring sad clown.”

nods slowly That’s fair.


I found it online in the original Russian but with subtitles and it sounds much more natural when you can hear the original voices and inflections and just read what they’re saying at the bottom.


I bought all 3 of the Ptushko movies in their original form/versions, and the restorations are a dream. They really are well made, beautifully shot pictures.


I remember when this riff was offered by Comedy Central as the right answer of a multiple choice “guess the riff” contest.


Oh that sounds wonderful! They are some of the most beautiful movies MST ever did, I mean they’re crazy as hell I don’t fault them for riffing them at all, but they’re also legitimately great.


They probably have to carefully navigate the stormy seas of stream rights like Lemminkäinen sailing his canoe through waters made treacherous due to the foul magic of the evil witch Louhi.

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